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ZOOM ScruTiny in the Great Round

This product is included in A Love of Art

ScruTiny Associates / Calliope



4 Stars from CD-ROM Today

Thumbs Up from New Media

Enter a magically interactive dreamscape through which you wander and make astonishing discoveries. Or just relax and savor the paintings, poetry and music that ebb and flow at your command.

Navigate through a banquet of interwoven images, metaphoric icons, audible symbols, and words.

Most software titles merely allow you to open files and manipulate data. ScruTiny in the Great Round allows you to open your mind and manipulate your perspective.

Immerse yourself in art.

Like nothing you have ever seen before - and never on a computer screen. It's art. It's entertainment. It's engaging. It's a window into yourself. It's ScruTiny in the Great Round.

Requirements: For Windows: MPC including 486/33 MHz processor or faster, 8 MB RAM, 256-color 640 x 480 pixel Super VGA display, Double-speed CD-ROM drive, 8-bit MPC-compatible sound card and speakers, Mouse, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher.

Requirements: For Macintosh: 256-color 640 x 480 pixel display, 16 MHz 68030 processor or faster, 5 MB available RAM, (8 MB installed RAM), Double-speed CD-ROM drive, System 7 or higher.


CD-ROM Today, December 1995

"You won't find characters, plot, games, or narrative in the typical sense. Instead, Scrutiny is a collection of pictures, movies, music, and poetry. To start, you choose a cursor - either the sun or the moon. The cursors control two concentric circle, each containing 12 images placed in clock-like fashion."

"The frames are limited to a severe palette of yellow, brown, gray, and black, but they are densely multilayered with movies, animations, hidden images, moving text, spoken poetry, music, and sound effects."

"Beyond the obvious play with imagery of birth, love, sex, and death, spiritual quests, male/female archetypes and stereotypes, Scrutiny concerns itself with narrative forms: The sun round attempts to convey a linear, masculine perspective, while the moon round is rhythmic and feminine."

New Media, April 22, 1996

"Based on a handmade book of collage art by New York artist Tennessee Rice Dixon, images dominate the screen. Traditional imagery is transferred into the electronic age with more than 250 QuickTime sequences seamlessly integrated into the background.

"The story they tell is the human struggle through stages of life: birth, death, confrontation, reunion, romance and progeny. You explore these stages from a masculine or feminine point of view by clicking on a moon or sun. Once you choose a path, you're captivated with wild scenes such as stallions morphing into seahorses that turn in circles against the night sky.

"A mixture of poetry and sound complete the experience. text, read by a man and a woman, is taken from sources that include the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita.

"It is the sound, however, that empowers you. As you move across hot spots, one area emits classical music, while another activates birds cooing or the sound of a heartbeat against chirping crickets.

"ScruTiny is the closest thing to traditional artistic beauty in multimedia today."

Computer Shopper, April 1996

"Calliope Media's ScruTiny in the Great Round is as unusual as its name. This cross-platform disc is perhaps best described as an interactive collage of abstract multimedia art. Ultimately, its meaning is subjective, and its value is entirely in the mind of the beholder. A melange of images and sounds, ScruTiny plays on universal archetypes - such as birth, death, love, joy, darkness, and light - with a unique flair."

"The wealth of subtle surprises will intrigue anyone interested in graphics, animation technique, and sound. After only a few minutes of exploration, you're sure to notice ScruTiny's reverberating quality. Clearly, this is not pedestrian software. If your software tastes run toward the utilitarian, this program will hold little appeal. But if you're interested in art and music, you'll find ScruTiny to be a fascinating and evocative work of art."

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