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ZOOM Science Smart
Sold Out See Science Advantage 2000 or Smart Pack

Princeton Review


Ages: All

Improve Your Grades and Test Scores in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Step 1: Search through more than 1200 screens with an easy-to-use, time-saving index.

Step 2: Study hundreds of diagrams and animations that explain key concepts in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Step 3: Review all major topics covered in a high school and college core curriculum.

Step 4: Test yourself with over 600 practice questions with full explanations to reinforce what you've learned.

Special Features

Over 1200 screens of information on biology, chemistry, and physics

Hundreds of diagrams to illustrate scientific operations

Over 70 animations to explain key concepts

Over 600 practice problems to test your master of each subject area

Complete explanations of each question to reinforce what you've learned

Fast search engine to help you find the information you need

Easy-to-use index to navigate through all subject areas

From The Princeton Review the nation's leading educational resource

Science Smart covers all the major topics of high school and college core curriculum:

Biology Chemistry Physics
Molecular Biology Stoichiometry Translational Motion
Microbiology Electronic Structure Force Motion & Gravitation
Eukaryotic Cells Periodic Table Equilibrium & Momentum
Specialized Cells Bonding Work & Energy
Nervous System Phases & Phase Equilibria Waves & Periodic Motion
Endocrine System Solution Chemistry Sound
Circulatory System Acids & Bases Fluids & Solids
Lymphatic & Immune System Thermochemistry & Dynamics Electrostatics
Digestive System Rate Processes & Equilibria Electromagnetism
Excretory System Electrochemistry Electric Circuits
Muscle & Skeletal System Capacitors in Circuits
Respiratory & Skin System Light & Geometric Optics
Reproductive System Atomic & Nuclear Structure
Genetics & Evolution

Science Smart Helps You:

  • Get better grades in your science courses - from high school through pre-med
  • Improve your test results on Advanced Placement Exams
  • Score high on SAT II-Achievement tests


Windows: 486 DX processor, 8 MB RAM, Double-speed CD-ROM drive or faster, SVGA monitor (256 colors), Sound Card and speakers

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