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ZOOM Sammy's
Science House
$9.95 (Win98SE/Me/XP/Mac Classic) (Jewel Case) (SAMMYSHDJ)
$4.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac 9.2) (Paper Sleeve) (SAMMYSHDO)
NOTE: Older version 1.14. Check Requirements section below.



Ages: 3 to 6

Explore the Wonders of Science!

Developed by early learning experts, Sammy's Science House builds important early science skills and encourages wonder and joy as children discover the world of science around them. Five engaging activities help children practice sorting, sequencing, observing, predicting and constructing. They'll learn about plants, animals, minerals, fungi, seasons and weather, too!

Discover the Wonders of Nature
What do shrews eat? Why does a squirrel flick its tail? Visit Acorn Pond during winter, spring, summer and fall to explore its fascinating wildlife.

Explore the Field Notebook
Kids find great sketches and fun facts about the animals of Acorn Pond. Printing pages allows kids to share their favorite animals with family and friends!

Construct in the Workshop
Clocks tick, wheels spin, and robots spring to life as kids follow blueprints or create original machines and toys.

Drop in at the Sorting Station
Three horns... It's a triceratops! Kids sort pictures of objects and learn the names of plants, animals, rocks and fungi.

Play with the Order of Things
Lights! Camera! Action! Kids learn about beginnings, middles and ends and explore how things in nature change over time as they arrange frames of film in logical sequences to Make-A-Movie.

Make Your Own Weather!
Kids learn weather terms, experiment with temperature, wind and precipitation, and see how different variables affect weather.

Help Your Child Learn! In Dear Parents, Edmark's Donna Stanger discusses early learning and each of the activities in Sammy's Science House.

Learning Opportunities

  • Analyze Attributes
  • Construct Objects
  • Follow Patterns
  • Manipulate Weather Variables
  • Investigate Animal Habitats
  • Observe Seasonal Changes
  • Explore Classifications
  • Name Plants, Animals, Rocks and Fungi
  • Build Logical Sequences


Windows 98/Me/XP (Does not work on Vista): 8 MB RAM, 486DX/33 MHz, Super VGA, 640 x 480 (256 colors, or more, required), Hard disk with 5 MB free, Mouse, Windows-compatible sound-output device. Optional: Windows-compatible printer, Edmark Touch Window.

NOTE: Older version requires that you create your own shortcut unders Windows XP. Does not work on Vista.

Macintosh: Mac OS 7.5.6-9.2, color monitor (256 colors required), 8 MB RAM (14 MB recommended), CD-ROM drive (double-speed or faster recommended), System 7.0.1 or higher, 13" monitor or larger. Optional: printer, Edmark Touch Window

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