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ZOOM Schoolhouse Rock!
Thinking Games Deluxe
$12.95 (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Jewel Case) (ROCKTHNKDJ)

Creative Wonders


Ages 6 and Up

Over 60 Fun Activities

From Schoolhouse Rock, the Emmy award-winning learning series, comes a comprehensive 2 CD-ROM program with over 60 mind-enriching games and activities. In Disk 1 of Schoolhouse Rock Thinking Games Deluxe, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills as you play exciting arcade-style games. Apply your thinking skills in Disk 2 as you play fun activities that develop reasoning and creative thinking skills. Plus, 18 award-winning Schoolhouse Rock videos make learning fun!

Disk 1: Thinking Games

In Disk 1, play mind-enriching, arcade-style games in 7 activity areas with 5 skill levels. Build important skills in thinking, problem solving, strategy, math and more.

Problem Solving: Compete against Lucky to complete more geometrical shapes and score more points.

Arcade-Style Fun: Play over 40 activities in Lucky's Arcade!

Strategy: Use strategy to help the tortoise navigate the tricky maze and avoid the big bears.

Math: Construct an amazing machine piece by piece by building equations.

Memory: build your memory skills in a challenging concentration game.

Disc 2: Learning Adventures

In Disk 2, use your thinking skills to play fun activities that build essential skills in reasoning, creativity, equations, parts of speech, and even geography.

Reasoning: Use clues and a map to answer interesting questions and learn about the 50 states.

Logic: Logically manipulate the maze of light, lenses, and color to decode secret messages.

Parts of Speech: Paint cool pictures by choosing the correct type of noun. Is it a person, place or thing?

Equations: Practice building equations and beat Fat Cat in a challenging game of pool.

Printable Activities: Print over 100 activities to continue your fun and learning away from the computer.

Over 60 Fun Activities That Build Important Skills:
Critical Thinking Geometry Decimals Solar System
Problem Solving Number Patterning Percentages Addition
Memory Multiplication Reasoning Subtraction
Strategy Division Parts of Speech Geography
Logic Equations Vocabulary US States
Creativity Fractions Energy Science
Special Features
3 - 6 Skill Levels Over 100 Printable Activities
18 Schoolhouse Rock Videos Multi-Player Games


Windows: 486/66 or better, Windows 98, Windows 95, or Windows 3.1, 8 MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color video card, Windows compatible sound card.

Macintosh: 68040 CPU with 8 MB RAM, PowerPC with 16MB RAM, system 7.1 or higher, double speed CD-ROM drive, 13" color monitor or larger, 256 colors.

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