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School House Rock:
1st - 4th Grade Math Essentials
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac OS 7.1-9.2) (Jewel Case) (ROCKM14DJ)
Does not work on Windows XP or Mac OS/X Classic.
Sorry; Discontinued

Creative Wonders


Ages: 6 - 10

Based on the Awards Winning ABC Series

ABC-TV's Award-Winning Schoolhouse Rock learning series has entertained and educated generations of children. Now this fun and engaging approach to learning comes to CD-ROM!

Schoolhouse Rock 1st - 4th Grade Math Essentials features 2 CD-ROMs packed with activities that develop 4 years of math skills. As children explore the music and magic of Schoolhouse Rock, they'll discover over 50 activity combinations, original Schoolhouse Rock musical math videos, plus dozens of printable games, puzzles, and experiments.

Disk 1: Math Rock

On Disk 1 you'll help Lucky Seven Sampson gather members of his rock-and roll band. Lucky's friends are scattered throughout Numberland playing different math games. Succeed at their games and they'll help you in the final challenge: The Road to Fame Game!

Set Identification: Learn even/odd, greater/less than, and multiples with a visit to the Zoo.

Computation Skills: Can you hit the bull-eye? Mental math skills are key to success!

Geometry Put logic skills to work as you carve shapes on the skating rink.

Place Value: Fill the rocket ship with the correct powers of ten and blast off!

Progress Reports: Track your child's learning with printable report cards for each activity.

Disk 2: Lucky's Math Arcade

On Disk 2 visit Lucky's Math Arcade where action-packed games challenge your math and thinking skills. From the Geometron Game and the Math Machine to the Magic Numbers Challenge, you'll find unlimited fun and learning!

Multiplication: Venture into Lucky's water balloon gallery for multiplication fun.

Arcade-Style Fun: 7 math arcade games make learning fun and addictive.

Equations: Complete equations to construct amazing math machines.

Strategy: Take on Lucky in the Geometron Game. Learn about geometry and put strategy skills to the test.

Fractions: Become a math wizard as you practice fractions and computation skills in the Magic Numbers Game.

Skill Chart

Addition Decimals Equations Even/Odd
Subtraction Integers Word Problems Greater/Less Than
Multiplication Place Value Estimation Prime Numbers
Division Geometry Number Patterns Logic
Fractions Problem Solving Set Identification Strategy

Special Features

  • 11 Hit Schoolhouse Rock videos
  • Over 50 printable activities
  • Multiple skill levels
  • Multi-player games
  • Parent's and Teacher's Guide
  • Online connection to more Schoolhouse Rock fun


Windows: Windows 3.1~98, 486/66 MHz or faster, 8 MB RAM, 16.5 MB Free Hard Disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, VGA 256 colors - 480 x 640 monitor, sound card, mouse.

Macintosh: 68040 CPU or PowerPC, System 7.1~9.2r, 8 MB RAM, 17 MB Hard Drive Space, 2x CD-ROM drive, 13" monitor or larger - 256 colors.

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