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ZOOM Rockett's New School
$9.95 (Win95/3.1/Mac) (Just the CD) (ROCKETTSDO)

Purple Moon


Ages: 8 to 12


4 stars out of four from USA Today

Being the New Girl Can Be Dynamite - or Disastrous

Eighth grade is scary enough. And being the new girl doesn't help. New kids...New cliques...New classes...When you're Rockett, everything is new. And the way you deal with it on your first day will set the stage for all your days at Whistling Pines Jr. High...Forever.

As Rockett, every decision you make changes what happens next. On your first day at Whistling Pines, you'll meet new kids and get in on the buzz in homeroom, the cafeteria, art class, and even in the girls' bathroom. What you find out could determine your next move. It's totally up to you!

Meet "New Girl" Rockett
Rockett Movado is the "new girl" at Whistling Pines. Her favorite things are art and photography. How does she feel about starting eighth grade? "Mostly I think about making friends," she says, "and how I should act. Sometimes I feel confident, and sometimes, well, it's kind of scary. But I keep at it!"

Decisions. Decisions.
Who to talk to? Where to sit? How to act? Every decision you make changes what happens next - twisting the plot in new directions.

Snoop Around
Find out what kids are really thinking...Peek into backpacks. Poke through lockers. Listen in on messages. Even read diaries. All stuff to give you the inside undercover scoop.

Gab and Gossip
Who are The Ones? Is Nicole snobby or what? And is Ruben really Mr. Nice Guy? It's all part of finding out who's who at Whistling Pines Jr. High.

Grab your Camera
Your interest in photography just might open doors. Or close them for good. The choices are yours.

It's a new adventure every time you play:

  • Over 45 possible plot twists
  • 20 characters to meet face to face
  • Over 100 personal items to investigate in lockers, backpacks, etc.


Windows: 486/66MHz (Pentium recommended), 8MB RAM (5MB available), 10MB available hard disk space, Windows 95 or 3.1, SVGA graphics, 2x CD-ROM drive, 16-bit Windows compatible sound card, mouse, speakers.

Macintosh: 68040/33 MHz, 8MB RAM (5MB available), 10MB available hard disk space, System 7.1, 256 color monitor, 2x CD-ROM drive, speakers.


USA Today, Friday, May 15, 1998

"Billed as 'friendship adventures," two titles from Purple moon are an excellent start to filling the software gap for girls. Rockett's New School and Rockett's Tricky Decision follow the likable heroine as she navigates the social quamire of junior high. In Rockett's New School, she tries to make it through her first day as the new kid, sorting out the social hierarchy and trying not to embarrass herself too much. In Tricky Decision, she has to figure out which Halloween party to go to - the one for the cool kids or the one for her friends.

"While both programs draw girls in the same way a good book does, the software puts girls in Rockett's shoes, letting them decide how she'll react to each situation that comes up. Girls can backtrack to these decision points and try different choices and end up with different consequences.

"The programs also offer opportunities to peek into lockers, get special messages from friends and in general get an inside look at junior high school. The kids seem genuine and the situations familiar. No superheroes or invading aliens, just normal kids navigating normally interesting lives. And while the adults are mostly caricatures, they reflect the way eighth-graders view adults.

"The best part is how the software puts girls in control of Rockett's attitude. It manages to teach, without preaching, that kids are in control of how they react to situations, even if they're not in control of much else."

Dallas Morning News, September 15, 1997

"Rocket's New School is about friendship and all its built-in adventures. Each time you begin an episode, the outcome will be different. On her first day, for example, she meets Stephanie, who on the surface is not the most sincere person and wants crowd approval. Click on a thought bubble, based on first impression only, and help her make those typical first-day, new-kid decisions. A Rockett alliance with Stephanie would have a different outcome from one with Miko, who is ambitious and a member of a popular clique.

"The program has great depth. A hefty selection of story lines and plot twists get you through Rockett's first day. There are at least 20 characters to interact with.

"Rockett's New School is sure to help girls ages 8 through 12 as they sort through feelings and difficult situations typical to their own lives."

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