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ZOOM Rockett's Adventure Maker
$9.95 (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (ROCKETTADR)

Purple Moon


Ages: 8 to 12


4.8 from SuperKids

Join the Kids at Whistling Pines Jr. High

Here's your chance to join the kids at Whistling Pines Junior High and make up your own adventures in Rockett's World. Become part of the adventures - choose or create your very own characters and stage them in funny scenes and situations - there are endless possibilities. Capture your favorite characters and adventures and turn them into awesome magnets and comics to share with friends.

Meet the Whistling Pines Kids
Join Rockett and her Jr. High friends and find out everything about them - likes, dislikes, secrets and dreams - all inside the revealing yearbook.

Create your own Cool Kids
Which face? Which body? What kind of attitude? You decide. Make your own characters - even put them in the yearbook.

Bring Everybody Together
When characters you create join Rockett and her friends, anything can happen. Which ones are best friends? Who's too cool? It's all up to you.

Dream Up Endless Adventures
Decide what happens. Where it happens. Even what kids say. With all the characters you create - and dozens of backgrounds, props, and accessories to choose from - the possibilities are endless.

Print Comics and Magnets
Print out comics. Or print characters, backgrounds and props to make magnets, so you can continue your adventures away from the computer.

Endless Hours of Fun:

  • 17 Whistling Pines characters
  • 100s of characters to create
  • 25 bodies & poses, 25 faces, 30 hairstyles, and more
  • 13 settings, 50 props and accessories, and much more


Windows: 486/66MHz , 16MB RAM, 15MB available hard disk space, Windows 95 or 98, SVGA graphics, 2x CD-ROM drive, 16-bit Windows compatible sound card, mouse, speakers, printer (optional); supports most color or monochrome Windows compatible printers.

Macintosh: Power PC, 16MB RAM (12MB available), 15MB available hard disk space, System 7.1, 256 color monitor, 2x CD-ROM drive, speakers, printer (optional); supports most color or monochrome Mac-compatible printers.


SuperKids Educational Software Review

"Make an Adventure is the activity in which creativity really begins to flow. A number of comic strip layouts are initially selected, providing the foundation for what will become a personalized adventure. Users choose the backgrounds, characters, props and captions used in each comic strip cell, and then manipulate them in interesting ways. They can be posed, rotated, flipped, diminished or enlarged, and speech bubbles can include any dialog desired. The end product is always fun, and often uproarious."

"Our girl reviewers raved about this program. "It’s really, really fun! I like it because I made so many of my friends," was the comment of one user, who devotedly replicated each of her classmates as well as many of her favorite television personalities in the Make a Friend activity. Even users beyond the upper limits of the suggested age range enjoyed the program, noting that it was an enjoyable diversion and allowed them to be creative in a way that is nearly unavailable to girls who have outgrown playing with dolls."

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