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ZOOM The Residents' Freak Show
Sold Out (Win95/Win3.1/Mac) (Retail) (RESFREAKPR)




5 stars from Multimedia World

The Residents' Freak Show CD-ROM transforms your computer into an amazing animated twilight zone, unlike anything you've ever experienced. Meet Tex the Barker, Herman the Human Mole, Harry the Head, Wanda the Worm Woman, Jelly Jack, Benny the Bump, and those freaks of contemporary art, The Residents. See their incredible performances and navigate through bizarre backstage worlds.

Featuring spectacular animation design by Jim Ludtke, Freak Show is a revolutionary new audio-visual experience, envisioning the future of interactive stories, music video, and digital art.

The Residents, based in San Francisco, have created pioneering music, music videos, and performance art since 1972. They are regarded as one of the world's most innovative audio-visual concept groups.

Requirements: Windows - 486-33 or higher processor, 640x480 256-color display (accelerator recommended), 8MB RAM, MPC2-compatible CD-ROM drive and sound card with speakers or headphones, Microsoft Windows 3.1, MS-DOS 5.0 or later.

Requirements: Macintosh - 25 MHz 68030 processor or better; System 7; 5,000K of available RAM; 13" color monitor; CD-ROM drive (double-speed recommended).


Multimedia World, May 1995

"There's nothing conventional about The Residents, a San Francisco art band known for its dark exploration of a wide range of audio-visual mediums. Whether in their musical recordings, videos, graphic novels, or intense live performances, The Residents have posed a consistent threat to mainstream sensibilities throughout their illustrious and prolific 23-year career.

"The value of The Residents' work is, like that of any group, ultimately a subjective matter. But no one who appreciates inventive and inspired forays into digital art will fail to be impressed by Freak Show, the group's first CD-ROM, which was designed and produced by the group and noted computer animator Jim Ludtke.

"Hypnotic, exquisite, and occasionally disturbing, Freak Show showcases the best of The Resident's creative endeavors and proves that multimedia art can mean more than merely slapping a few videos onto a CD-ROM. Every aspect of the disc, from its near-invisible interface to its stunning graphics to its oddball cast of characters, is infused with a powerful creative vision. There isn't a bad spot on this CD-ROM, and little of its content can be understood, let alone fully appreciated, in a single sitting.

"Freak Show isn't for everyone - those with hang-ups about human deformity, chain-smoking tour guides, or worms are strongly advised to look elsewhere. But for the curious, open-minded, or just plain strange, Freak Show is a unique and compelling work that is not to be missed."

Jim Knipfel, NY Press

"It took The Residents to transform CD-ROM technology from simply a 'new medium' into an art-form...It's at turns eerie, sad, ghoulish, and funny as hell...I was stunned by what played itself out on the screen in front of me...You've probably never seen any computer-generated artwork like this...You wander into these rooms and have complete 360-degree access. Shadows move, candles flicker."

Mark Frauenfelder, Wired

"While touring the grounds [of the Freak Show] I forgot about the sweltering office: My mind drifted out of my body and I began floating through Freakville. Freak Show has gorgeously rendered 3-D eye feasts jumping at you from every direction."

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