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ZOOM Redshift
Sold Out Redshift 2
(Win95/Win3.1/Mac) (Retail) (REDSHIFT2DR)

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Maris Multimedia / Maxis / Expert



4 stars from CD-ROM Today

1995 Editors' Choice (top 100) from HomePC

The Ultimate Virtual Observatory

Explore your universe. Witness the birth of a star or view the night sky as seen by the Pharaohs of Egypt. Visit the Horsehead Nebulae in Orion or hitchhike your way across the solar system. Visually stunning and scientifically accurate, RedShift 2 is based on the international award-winning multimedia astronomy program, RedShift.

Travel through space and time from the heart of the solar system to the edge of the universe as we know it. Using the latest orbital theory, RedShift 2 lets you explore the wonders of the cosmos.

RedShift 2 makes astronomy accessible to the beginner yet delivers the highest level of accuracy for the serious user. This content rich program has a wealth of features that bring the universe to you:

10 point-and-click narrated, animated guided tours

Full-screen virtual reality 3D simulations of planetary orbits, star fields, and more

Interactive tutorials that help you learn how to use the program

Original film-quality 2D and 2D animations

250,000 stars, asteroids, comets and 40,000 deep sky objects

Over 700 stunning, full-screen astro-photographs of planets, moons, nebulae and galaxies

Videos that chart mankind's journeys into space


Dictionary: Follow over 2,000 hyperlinks to Penguin's richly illustrated Dictionary of Astronomy.

Movie Recorder: Capture your explorations and play them back as movies.

Maps: Search detailed surface maps of Mars, Venus, and the Moon to find landing sites and geological points of interest. Maps of the Earth help you locate major observatories, towns and cities. Choose from over a thousand named viewing locations.

Visibility Reports: Use this feature to plan the best time for observing the sky from your own backyard.

Sky Charts: Print charts that identify stars and constellations.

Requirements: Windows PC - 386SX or higher (486 recommended), double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color display (64k/16 bit color recommended), 8MB RAM minimum with at least 2.5 MB free, Windows 3.1/3.11 and MS-DOS 3.3 or above, or Windows 95, Windows compatible sound card, mouse.

Requirements: Macintosh - LCII or better, double speed CD-ROM, System 7.0 or above, 8MB RAM with 2.5MB free, 14" color monitor or larger (thousands of colors recommended), Quick Time 2.0 or above, mouse.

Requirements: Power Macintosh: 6100 with System 7.1.2 or above, 8MB RAM with at least 2.5 MB free, double speed CD-ROM drive, 14" color monitor or larger (thousands of colors recommended), QuickTime 2.0 or above, mouse.


CD-ROM Today, March 1996

"Playing Galileo is sure a heck of a lot easier (not to mention warmer) using RedShift 2, the new version of Maris' award-winning astronomy program."

"RedShift 2 will show you customizable, highly accurate views of the heavens from just about any location in the solar system for any year - from roughly 5,000 BC to 10,000 AD. You get data for 250,000 stars, asteroids, and comets, as well as 40,000 nebulae, galaxies, and other deep-space objects. You can print detailed star charts to take with you to the backyard or bring to the classroom."

"RedShift 2's interface is incredibly powerful and flexible, but newcomers beware - you'll need to run the excellent new Guided Tours to figure out how to use it."

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