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ZOOM RedJack:
Revenge of the Brethren
$9.95 (Win95/98/Mac Classic) (Retail) (REDJACKDR)

DreamFactory / Cyberflix / THQ, Inc

Game / Adventure

ESRB Rating: Teen - Animated blood and gore, mild language, use of tobacco & alcohol


80% from Gaming Entertainment Monthly


Pirates, Treasure, Death and Glory

In a time when conquerors dominated the land and thieves ruled the seas, a legendary pirate named RedJack was ambushed and his treasure disappeared without a trace. Betrayed and vanquished, RedJack died vowing the ultimate revenge.

Seventeen years later a young man named Nicholas Dove is drawn by destiny into a search for the lost bounty and a quest to uncover his own past.

His journey leads him to the heart of the high seas where he must survive by the blade and unravel the mystery of RedJack - an epic tale of honor, betrayal, and revenge.

Your journey begins in the village of Lizard Point. Sharpen your skills, whet your sword, and prepare well before you leave. You may never return.

Cartagena stands at the edge of the sea like the marker on a grave. Beneath her streets lies a labyrinth of sewers and passageways leading you to safety - or death.

A lush, uncharted island harbors dark secrets, a lost fortune, and a myriad of ways to die.

Port Royal, Jamaica crawls with renegade pirates and Voodoo magic. Erzulie, Priestess of the Dead, may hold the key to the secrets of your past as well as your future.

Trust no one on the deck of a pirate ship. Choose your allies wisely or risk being served up as shark bait.

Hoist a flagon of ale with the legendary Blackbeard. But approach his stronghold with caution. Uninvited guests are seldom seen again.


Solve challenging puzzles in life-or-death situations. Strategy and puzzles blend seamlessly with the storyline.

In-depth storyline with over 20 interactive 3D characters, who remember the player's decisions and act accordingly.

Six stunning locales provide intricately detailed settings and allow for easy navigation and fluid 3D movement.

Non-stop action tests your marksmanship and your reflexes - Will you survive to claim your treasure?


Windows 95/98: Pentium 133 or better (P200 recommended), 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 70MB hard drive space (250MB recommended), 4x or better CD-ROM drive, DirectDraw compatible graphics.

Macintosh: 601-604 processor (G3 recommended), Sys 7.1-9.2, 24MB of RAM (32MB recommended), 70MB hard drive space (250MB recommended), 4x or better CD-ROM drive.


Gaming Entertainment Monthly

"Redjack is a new action/adventure from THQ, and I have one word for it, ADDICTING. The storyline of this game is great, and it deals with something I think every little boy wanted to be growing up, Pirates. Redjack rolls action, adventure, and strategy all into one game. You are put to tests at times; you have to solve puzzles, etc, to stay alive, or to complete your goals.

"The graphics in this game are simply beautiful, many of which remind almost of the toy story movie. Everything is crystal clear and 3D rendered, the people in the game look amazingly real, and the scenery is so detailed that you would think it is taken from a movie. The speech in the game adds a great feel of realism, there are people from many different locales, and you can tell it from their accents."

"Whether you are an action or adventure fan, this game is definitely worth checking out. I started playing it not expecting much, and was totally blown away, this game far surpassed everything I thought that it would, I was quickly wrapped up in the story and the action, and in awe of the graphics."

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