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ZOOM Fisher-Price Ready for School Toddler
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (READYTODDR)

Fisher-Price / Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 1 ½ to 3

Featuring the Little People Characters

Follow the Little People characters into a fantastic playland designed just for toddlers. A whole new world just their size makes playtime learning something you and your child will explore together, time and time again.

Bubbles Big and Small: Blow bubbles while learning the concepts of big and small.
ABC Fun: Decorate fun pictures with over 100 colorful alphabet picture stamps.
Telephone Talk: Talk to your favorite Little People friends. With a microphone, Mom and Dad can leave fun messages, too.

Here's What You Get!

  • 20 engaging activities
  • Over 20 toddler-appropriate skills
  • Two levels of play: keyboard for beginners or mouse level for more challenging play
  • Special Family Resource Center with parent tips and children's activity sheets
  • Learning skills matrix to track your child's progress
  • Eight nursery rhymes and songs for sing-along fun


  • Printable coloring and activity pages to play with away from the computer

Little People Park

Watch! Listen! Sing! Smile! Join the Little People characters in this playful world created especially for toddlers. With each and every activity made for little hands and young minds, it's the perfect way for you and your child to discover how much fun learning can be.

Count with Me Help Smiley the Clown blow up and count balloons.

Bodies in Motion Help Natalie wash up for dinner and learn to identify parts of the body.

Animals on Parade Match the sounds of your favorite animal friends on parade.

Shapes & Colors Paint a picture and explore the world of shapes and colors.

Musical Magic Sing and play your favorite nursery rhymes with the Little People band.

My First Things Learn to follow directions while identifying over 20 different objects.

Your Child Will Learn Over 20 Skills, Including...

Numbers Counting numbers from 1 to 10
ABC's Exploring letters and pictures
Shapes and Colors Identifying and sorting shapes and colors
Parts of the Body Washing your face; moving your body
Music and Song Singing nursery rhymes; discovering instrument sounds
Simple Directions Identifying big and small; in and behind; hide and seek
Listening Following simple instructions; talking on the telephone; matching animal sounds
Early Computer Skills Learning to use the keyboard and mouse
Basic Manners Encouraging "please" and "thank-you"
Creativity Decorating pictures and painting shapes


Windows 95 & Windows 3.1: 486/66 MHz or faster, 16MB RAM, 256 color Super VGA graphics, 4x CD-ROM, mouse, hard drive, Windows compatible sound card.

Macintosh: Power Mac or higher, System 7.5.1 or higher, 16 MB RAM with 6 MB free, 256 colors with 640x480 resolution, 4x CD-ROM, hard drive.

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