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ZOOM Reader Rabbit's Toddler
Sold Out (Win95/3.1) (Jewel Case) (READTODPJ)

The Learning Company


Ages: 18 mos to 3 years

Counting, Colors, Shapes, and the Alphabet

Join Reader Rabbit and His Magical Playland! By entering an enchanted storybook, Reader Rabbit and Mat the Mouse travel to a new, fantastic world. Come along and meet all of their lovable animal friends. There are lots of places to explore filled with bright colors, delightful songs, nursery rhymes, and much, much let's go!

Crayon Creations
Color the fun way - with a "smart" crayon that fills in the picture and makes silly sounds. Sing along witht he characters - and even learn your ABCs.

Castle Counting
Pop all the bubbles to return the animals to the enchanted Bubble Castle...and then count to five with your new animal friends.

Sky Shapers
Bring on the blocks. Learn shapes and colors by completing the puzzle - and then watch the blocks spring to life.

Musical Meadow
Create your own lively melody by "playing" your favorite flowers at the Musical Meadow.

Follow-Me Theater
Come and join the show. Reader Rabbit leads you through eight classic songs. Try to follow directions as you "act out" the songs with your fingers.

Baby Basket Bingo
Help the baby animals find their parents. Match the babies sounds with their parents' to help them find their way home.

Pop and Play
Can you find the matching animals? Open the musical boxes to find new animal friends. When you find three in a row, get ready to sing along.

Peek-A-Boo Zoo
Whose eyes are twinkling behind the grass? Use your curiosity and your flashlight to find the animals that are making the sounds.

Special Features

Easy to Play. Reader Rabbit's Toddler doesn't require mouse clicks within activities - a mere swipe of the mouse or a touch of the keyboard is all it takes! Toddlers can practice their emerging hand-eye coordination while they play on their own.

Safe Environment. Activities are specifically designed to be safe and nonthreatening for young children. Simple songs, classic stories, and friendly games make up a wonderful, trustworthy playland for your toddler.

Parent's Resources

Inside you'll find a Parent's Handbook filled with tips to enhance your child's learning experience, as well as guidance on child development.


Windows - Windows IBM and Compatibles. 486/33 MHz or better (66 MHz recommended); 8 MB memory RAM; hard disk with 2 MB free disk space; double speed CD-ROM drive; 256-color SVGA; DOS 5.0 or higher; Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95); Windows-compatible sound card; mouse.

Macintosh - Macintosh. 68040/25 MHz or better (33 MHz recommended); 8 MB memory Ram; hard disk with 1 MB free disk space; double speed CD-ROM drive; 13" 256-color display; System 7.0.1 or higher; mouse.

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