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ZOOM Reader Rabbit
Thinking Adventures
Ages 4-6
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (READTADVDJ)

Publisher: The Learning Company


Ages: 4-6


4.0 from SuperKids

It's Sam the Lion's Birthday

It's almost Sam the Lion's birthday and Reader Rabbit is planning a surprise party to celebrate. There is much to be done, so everyone's help is needed. Users travel around town, joining Reader and his friends as they work to complete the party preparations.

Children will help Pierre with painting wrapping paper or banners, Bab with decorating cookies, Papa Bear with sorting toys or wrapping gifts, and much more. Children will learn patterning, identifying similarities and differences, sequencing, problem solving, matching, ordering, and other skills while planning a party.


  • 8 different activities
  • Wide array of learning concepts
  • Capacity of up to 99 players
  • Individual tracking of each player
  • Reader Rabbit uses child's name in speech
  • Print predesigned gift-wrap
  • Print birthday invitations with child's name
  • Personalized hidden notes in the game
  • A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology
  • Personalized Learning Center
  • Personalized Printable Progress Reports and Certificates
  • Printable Activities based on your child's progress


Windows: Windows 95 or higher, Pentium 60 or faster cpu, 22 MB hard drive space, 16 MB RAM, 256-color SVGA display, Quad-speed (4x) or faster CD-ROM, Windows-compatible sound card.

Tested OK on Windows XP.

Macintosh: System 7.1 or higher, Any PowerPC or faster cpu, 22 MB hard drive space, 16 MB RAM, 13" or larger, 256-color display, Quad-speed (4x) or faster CD-ROM.


SuperKids Educational Software Reviews

"Each activity included in Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures focuses on an early learning critical thinking skill. These skills include: completing patterns, sequencing, categorizing, recognizing similarities and differences and comparing and contrasting attributes, creating arrays, hypothesizing, matching and ordering."

"For the most part, our kid testers enjoyed the activities included in Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures. Graphics and animation are nicely done, and the storyline is not only upbeat, but a topic of particular interest to kids in the targeted age range. One of our parent testers wrote: 'My kids like to play "birthday party" and make pretend decorations and presents. With this program they can enjoy their favorite theme and practice essential learning skills at the same time!'"

Kids Domain by Sharon Mehl

"My children have enjoyed playing Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures. They got a big kick out of Reader Rabbit actually saying their names and also finding hidden notes addressed to them. Birthdays are an exciting time and Sam the Lion's birthday is no exception. My 5-year-old said 'they have a lot of things to do to give a party'. My children enjoyed the squirrels and birds that sang the directions to them and listened so carefully to the directions when they were sung instead of spoken."

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