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ZOOM Reader Rabbit's
Interactive Reading Journey
for Grades K - 1
Sold Out (Win/Mac) (Jewel Case) (READJK1DJ)

The Learning Company


Ages: 10 and up
Grades: K - 1

The Complete Learn-to-Read Program

Join Sam the Lion, Reader Rabbit, and friends in a marvelous journey along the Reading Road. Based on a proven approach that has been extensively tested by more than 100,000 children, this breakthrough learn-to-read program builds kindergarten through 1st grade reading skills and confidence to nurture a lifelong love of reading.

Three ways to learn - all in one program. A highly effective approach that meets your child's individual learning style.

Open explorations

Explore & Enjoy language while building vocabulary. For example, in the land of "T", click on a turtle shell...and out pops a tuxedo-clad tuba-playing turtle.

Skill-building games

Learn & Practice with over 100 lessons that build the word and phonics skills your child needs to read the storybooks.

Electronic storybooks

Reinforce & Apply skills by reading 40 progressively challenging stories. Children can read them on their own or hear them dramatized by a cast of characters.

A carefully designed, step-by-step program that really works!

1. Help Sam find his crown. The journey begins when Sam sets out to find his kingdom. Along the way, Sam learns to read...and your child will, too!

2. Explore 20 enchanting lands. They're filled with engaging activities, captivating stories, silly creatures, and delightful surprises. Click on something and watch what happens!

3. Your map to reading success. There's so much to do, your child will learn and play for hours. You can select the systematic "step-by-step" approach or "open access", which encourages free exploration.

4. Sound out words. Playful activities make phonics more fun than ever. In Nan's Nest, children learn letter sounds...and then "moosh" sounds together to make brand new words.

5. Build word recognition. Have you ever been to a snail race? Make the snails move by clicking on the everyday words the Fun Fish says. May the fastest snail win!

6. Improve comprehension. Click on the word that completes the sentence, then watch Ben the Ant's Marching Band gobble it up?

7. Build skills, book by book. Beginning books use short words and simple sentences, to give your child immediate success. Succeeding books gradually introduce more challenging words and sentences, to increase comprehension and fluency.

8. Welcome to the reading kingdom! At last, Sam realizes that he reigns over the very best kingdom of all ... the World of Reading.

Special Features:

Record and Listen! A powerful way for children to build confidence and oral reading ability. Just watch your child's face when she hears her own voice.

Customizable Progress Tracking! "Behind the scenes" tracking automatically redirects your child to extra practice in areas of difficulty. You can adjust the challenge level, or simply turn it off to encourage free exploration.

Your Child Will...

  • Identify letters
  • Recognize letter patterns
  • Associate letters with sounds
  • Sound out words
  • Develop a basic "sight word" vocabulary
  • Build words
  • Read simple stories
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Practice reading aloud
  • Improve comprehension

Your Child is Ready for This Program if He or She can...

  • Distinguish letters from other shapes
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Move and click a mouse

Look At All You Get!

  • Over 100 skill-building games and lessons
  • 40 electronic storybooks
  • 20 enchanting lands to explore
  • Over 100 clickable surprises
  • 20 delightful poems
  • Progressively challenging levels
  • "Record & Playback" feature


Windows IBM & compatibles, 486DX/66 MHz or better, 8MB memory RAM, hard disk with 10MB free disk space, double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color SVGA monitor, DOS 5.0 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95), Windows compatible sound card with microphone input (required for record & playback), mouse.

Macintosh, 68040/33 MHz or better, 8MB memory RAM, hard disk with 1-MB free disk space, double speed CD-ROM drive, 13" 256 color display, System 7.0.1 or higher, microphone (required for record & playback), mouse.

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