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ZOOM Reading Journey 1-2
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Jewel Case) (READJ2PJ)

The Learning Company


Ages: 5 to 8 - Grades 1 & 2

A Journey that Builds Essential Reading Skills

Sam the Lion, Reader Rabbit, and friends are back on the Reading Road - and this time they're looking for Sam's imagination! Join them and a host of terrific new characters, including Buster the Car and the Crooning Caterpillars, as they explore 15 amazing lands filled with activities, books, and surprises. This breakthrough learning program develops 1st and 2nd grade reading and phonics skills, encourages creative thinking, and nurtures a lifelong love of reading.

Three ways to learn - all in one program. A highly effective approach that meets your child's individual learning style.

Open explorations

Explore & Enjoy language while strengthening phonics skills and building vocabulary by clicking on the amusing animated `tickle spots'.

Skill-building games

Learn & Practice with over 100 word games and phonics lessons that build essential reading, listening, and thinking skills.

Electronic storybooks

Reinforce & Apply skills by reading 30 progressively challenging stories. Thought provoking questions build comprehension and spark imagination.

A carefully designed, step-by-step program that really works!

1. Help Sam find his imagination. The journey begins when Sam the Lion sets out to find his imagination. Adventure awaits at every bend in the road.

2. Explore 15 reading lands. They're filled with challenging activities, engaging stories, delightful creatures, and clickable surprises.

3. Your road to reading success. You can select the systematic `step by step' approach or `open access', which encourages free exploration.

4. Build skills, book by book. The journey comes to life with 30 charming stories, especially designed to build vocabulary and strategic reading skills. Children can read along with the characters or read the stories on their own.

5. Predict. Think. Imagine. The narrator asks your child open-ended questions before, during, and after each story to enhance imagination and comprehension.

6. Learn letter and sound patterns. In Ben's Rhyme Time, your child groups words that rhyme to make sandwiches. It's a tasty way to develop the ability to quickly recognize letter patterns.

7. Link sounds to make words. In Silly Syllables, your child makes the Crooning Caterpillars sing by putting word parts together to create multisyllable words.. Let the show begin..

8. Enjoy reading success. Uh, oh.. a broken word bridge! Apply your new knowledge to advance to the next reading land. It's a fun way to reinforce skills, and experience success along your journey.

Special Features:

Record and Listen! A powerful way for children to build confidence and oral reading ability. Just watch your child's face when she hears her own voice.

Customizable Progress Tracking! Adjustable "Behind the scenes" tracking automatically redirects your child to extra practice in areas of difficulty.

Your Child Will...

  • Strengthen phonics skills
  • Develop comprehension
  • Build vocabulary
  • Recognize multisyllable
  • Identify letter blends and syllables
  • Understand story lines
  • Practice reading aloud
  • Improve thinking skills
  • Build fluency and confidence
  • Spark imagination

Your Child is Ready for This Program if He or She can...

  • Can readily identify letters and their sounds
  • Possesses a beginning `sight-word' vocabulary
  • Can read simple new words

Look At All You Get!

  • Over 100 skill-building games and lessons
  • 30 electronic storybooks
  • 15 imaginative lands to explore
  • Over 50 clickable surprises
  • 15 delightful poems
  • 60 thought provoking exercises
  • Progressively challenging levels
  • "Record & Playback" feature


Windows: IBM & compatibles, 486DX/25 MHz or better, 8MB memory RAM, hard disk with 10MB free disk space, double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color SVGA monitor, DOS 5.0 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95), Windows compatible sound card with microphone input (required for record & playback), mouse.

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