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ZOOM Outdoor Adventures: Ranger Trail
$14.95 (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (RANGERTRDR)

Fisher Price / The Learning Company

Ages 4-7

Children's Game

Learn All about Nature as You Explore the Great Outdoors

Exploring the great outdoors has never been so much fun. Little campers meet Ranger Rudy, discover wild animals, earn ranger badges, and learn about plants, safety, science and the environment. In this forest of fun, your child's natural curiosity will lead to trail after trail of exciting exploration in the great outdoors.

Strap on your backpacks, grab your flashlights and hit the trail for a real wilderness adventure in Rangers Trait. Young campers are transported to Camp Wonderoo where they'll go stargazing, make cave paintings, join campfire sing-alongs and explore a forest of fun! With a new discovery around every bend, plus badges and ranger certificate rewards, every kid will love discovering the world of the wild.

Interactive Software That Let's a Child's Imagination Soar!

At Fisher Price we know children learn from playing. That's why every interactive adventure isn't just a toy, it's a valuable learning tool. Fisher Price children's software is designed to encourage exploration, open up new worlds of creativity, excite the imagination and promote critical thinking. With learning and social skills presented in a highly appealing way, kids come away with more than just a good time. Join your child on a journey of interactive discovery and see how much fun it can be!

The fun never stops at Camp Wonderoo!

  • Join your buddy for a boat race on the running stream.
  • Become a Junior Ranger by finding all the animals, insects and plants.
  • Help Ranger Rudy load the bus with all the right outdoor gear.
  • Use your “virtual camera” to take snapshots of what you find!
  • Show how much you’ve learned by matching pictures and names.
  • Sing along around the campfire and listen for animal sounds.
  • Learn about constellations as you match stars in the sky to the sky chart.
  • Create cave paintings with berries, feathers, leaves and sticks.

Game Features:

Seven camping activities

Over 60 wildlife animals and objects to uncover and identity

Personalized nature photo album and printable scrapbook

Family Camping Resource Guide with practical tips, resources, and information

Play Benefits

Promote nature and wildfire learning

Introduces early science concepts

Encourages are and creativity

Teaches respect for the environment


Windows 95 or 98: 486/66 MHz, 14 Mb hard drive space, 16 Mb RAM, 256 color (640 x 480 display), 4x CDROM drive, SoundBlaster or compatible 16 bit sound card.

Macintosh: PowerPC, System 7.5.1 or higher, 14 Mb hard drive space, 16 Mb RAM, 256 color, 4x CD ROM.


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