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ZOOM Putt Putt's Fun Pack
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Jewel Case) (PUTTFUNPJ)

Humongous Entertainment


Ages: 3 to 8

Play and Learn with Putt-Putt

Everyone's favorite little car is back, and this time he's playing games. Putt-Putt and your child will be entertained for hours with Checkers, the Cheese King, Remember!, Circus Puzzle Blocks, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Pinball. Four different skill levels allow the games to grow with your child. Practice matching and pattern recognition, sharpen letter and spelling skills, develop logic and spatial relationship abilities, and most improtant of all, have a lot of fun.

The Cheese King. Whether an advanced speller, or just learning the ABC's, this game has a level for everyone.

Checkers. King me? Putt-Putt's a patient teacher who's always ready to play again.

Remember! Practice memory and pattern recognition skills. Putt-Putt provides plenty of support and encouragement.

Circus Puzzle Blocks. Step right up! Six different circus puzzles are just a click away.

Tic-Tac-Toe. Relax and play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Putt-Putt's a whiz at the hardest level.

Pinball. Create your own pinball machine, and play away.


IBM PC or 100% compatible, 33MHz 386 with 4MB or RAM, SVGA (640x480, 256 colors) graphics, Windows 3.1 or higher, sound card, double speed CD-ROM drive.

Requirements: Macintosh - 256 color Macintosh, 2 MB free RAM, 8-bit color card, color monitor, System 6.07 or higher, CD-ROM drive.

DOS programs will not run on Windows Me or XP!


Computer Game Review, June 1993

"Putt Putt is back, but not in an adventure this time. Putt Putt just wants to have fun in this game. Your kids can play Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, a Memory game, put six puzzles together, create their own pinball machine, and they can even play a game like Hangman called 'Steal the Cheese.' There are four different skill levels for almost every game. Putt Putt is beautifully animated, and the speech in the game just adds to the fun. Another nice feature about the game is the fact that it takes up only a couple of megs on the hard drive. Your kids will have hours of fun playing these games, and will be able to listen to Putt Putt talk all the way through. He will encourage them when they make a wrong move, and he will praise them when they make a correct choice. Use Putt Putt to entertain your kids."

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