Let's Pretend! Space is Our Playground. Volume 2

Let's Pretend Volume 2 - Mind Magic - Retail - Win/Mac - Sold Out

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Mind Magic Productions


Ages: 3 and up

CD-ROM Picture Book: packed with animations and new vocabulary words.

Electronic Paint Program with print option.

Free bonus! Picture-Dictionary Coloring Book.

Explore the nine planets of our Solar System in Space is Our Playground. Meet your friendly guide, Flash the Firefly, in a cluttered attic where surprise and adventures await. Flash the Firefly quickly explains how everything works, making this delightful CD-ROM as easy to use as clicking a mouse.

Find the special objects that take you to new places. Every scene is packed with fun-filled animation, interesting characters and fascinating facts. New, fun words pop- ups, are clearly pronounced and spelled out. You'll find their definitions in the accompanying Picture-Dictionary Coloring Book. With the electronic paint program, you can paint and print out pictures from Our World is a Playground again and again.

Have fun in the attic: There's lot's to see and do in the attic plus some toys will take you to outer space.

Visit a space station: Take a look at the Earth from space. In each screen new, fun vocabulary word pop-ups are clearly pronounced and spelled out.

Travel to the Nine Planets: Visit Earth's neighbors - from Mercury to Pluto, see how things look and then "beam in" playground surprises.

Let's Paint: Paint scenes from Space is Our Playground with the electronic paint program featuring 16 colors, four brush sizes and a fill tool. Print your finished art to black and white or color printers.

Requirements - For Windows: 486/33 or higher, Super VGA (640 x 480, 256 colors), Mouse, SoundBlaster or 100% compatible sound cards, CD-ROM drive, double speed preferred, 8 MB RAM.

Requirements - For Macintosh: LCIII (68030 Processor) or higher, CD-ROM drive (double-speed preferred), System 7.0 or higher, 256 color monitor, 8 MB RAM.

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