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ZOOM Disney's
Phonics Quest
$14.95 (Win95/98/ME/Mac) (Retail) (PHONICSQDR)



Ages: 5 to 8

Phonics Quest Magically Makes Learning Phonics Fun!

Join Mickey on a quest as the Sorcerer's Apprentice to uncover the magic of phonics fun! Mickey's quest begins as he opens the Sorcerer's magic book and loses six of the Sorcerer's belongings. He must venture out and retrieve the lost magical items before the Sorcerer returns to the castle. As each challenge is mastered, Mickey regains one of the Sorcerer's belongings so he can triumphantly return to the castle. Children will have fun searching for the missing items while mastering phonics skills along the way!

Casts a Learning Spell on Young Readers Everywhere

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read by learning the sound of each letter and letter group. Education experts believe that children who learn to read phonetically are able to read with better comprehension and understanding

Features Voice Recognition Technology

Disney's Phonics Quest has an added feature of Voice Recognition Technology so your child will be able to hear, see and then repeat the sounds they are learning. To get the best out of Voice Recognition, encourage your child to speak slowly and clearly into the microphone so the computer will listen.

Spiral Curriculum Approach to Learning

Disney's Phonics Quest has been designed with a Spiral Curriculum approach to learning, which gives children enhanced opportunities for comprehension.

What's Inside:

6 exciting phonics based skill building activities

Personalized learning experience, as each activity progresses through one to four levels of difficulty

Replayable so each Phonics Quest is a unique experience

Windows & Macintosh Voice Recognition Technology allows children to speak their answer in featured activities

Assessment chart to track your child's progress

Motivation magic words

Education tips provided to improve reading skills

Phonics Skills:
Reading Comprehension Understanding Meaning Deductive Reasoning
Identification of Pronunciation Errors Homonyms Multiple Meaning Words
Identifying Sight Words Rhymes Vowel Sounds
Letter Neighborhoods Word Building Consonant Blends
Letter Sounds and Recognition Vowel Diagraphs Single Letter Sounds
Matching Images to Phonetic Sounds Categorizing Divergent Reasoning
Syllable Recognition Word Structure Letter Neighborhoods
Spelling Word Context Sight Words
Multiple Pronunciations    

Activities and Features:

The Quest Begins: Join Mickey on a quest for the missing items

Consonant Blends: Use phonics clues to help Mickey match the baby dragons to their correct mother

Homographs and Irregular Spelling: Run a printing press with Donald and learn how words can have multiple meanings

Reading Comprehension: Complete words to answer Genie's riddles and unlock the magic doors

Rhyming: Organize Maine's music by filling in missing words and rhymes

Word Building: Assemble rocks in Fete's Quarry to solve word problems

Single Letter Sounds: Help Goofy sort the armor for the town guard by letter sounds and syllables

Spellbinding Journey: Three paths of adventure lead to the town, mountains and forest

Rewards for Advancement: Before each new quest, and enchanted frog reveals a word to be used throughout the quest for dazzling results


Windows 95/98/ME - Pentium 166 MHz or faster (233 MHz for Voice Recognition), 32 MB RAM (64 MB for Voice Recognition), 80 MB free hard disk space, 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card, 800 x 600 x 16bit video.

Macintosh - System 8.6 through X, G3 processor 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM (64 MB for Voice Recognition), 80 MB free hard disk space, 8x CD-ROM drive, thousands of colors video display.


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