Phone Disc U.S. Homes

Phone Disc U.S. Homes - Digital Directory - Retail - Win95/Win3.1/DOS/Mac - $27.95

Digital Directory Assistance, Inc.


New 1996 Updated Version (first shipped to us in April 1996)

Find family and friends with the only phonebook on CD that lets you look up, locate, call, download, export and mail to over 90 million residential listings all across the country.

Search by name - save money on 411 calls.

Zero in on listings - by city, state, street, zip code, area code, house number, etc.

Make the call - dials listings from soundcard or modem.

Unlimited exporting - to your favorite PIMs, mail merge and contact managers.

Unlimited printing - to Avery labels and envelopes, you can even customize your own labels and include postal barcodes.

Requirements: Windows: Windows 3.1, 95 or greater, PC compatible 386 or greater, 4 MB RAM, 1MB free hard disc space.

Requirements: Windows NT - Version 3.51 or greater running on either Intel, DEC Alpha or IBM PowerPC.

Requirements: Mac or Mac-OS - Macintosh Plus/Classic or greater, 1MB RAM or greater, System 6.04 or greater. Accelerated for PowerMac.

Requirements: MS-DOS - IBM compatible XT or greater, 500K free hard disk space, 512K RAM or greater, DOS 3.1 or higher.

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