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ZOOM Fisher-Price: Time to Play
Pet Shop
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail Box) (PETSHOPDR)

Fisher-Price / Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 4 to 7

Open Your Very Own Pet Shop

Meow, bark, sing and slither! Grab your grooming tools and open the door to your very own Fisher-Price Time to Play Pet Shop. Tail-wagging activities, purr-fect pet vet visits and paw-stompin' songs make this cute and cuddly game absolutely irresistible to little animal lovers everywhere.

Little animal lovers are in business when they set up shop with their favorite furry, feathered and finned friends. Silly sing-alongs, irresistible activities and interactive adventures make every visit new and exciting. It's a party of pets that's jumping with fun.

Choose your favorite furry friends and cuddly critters, to set up shop.

Earn a certificate of ownership when you open your very own Pet Shop.

Learn all about your favorite cuddly critters with printable facts on over 40 different animals.

Time for bed. Dress bunny up in his favorite pjs or dozens of other outrageous outfits.

Show your pets you love them by feeding them their favorite foods.

Have schools of fun creating your own underwater sea aquarium.

Check out the appointment book to find out which animals need to be groomed.

Here's What You Get!

  • Six tail-wagging activities
  • Over 40 cuddly critters to learn about and play with
  • Five sing-along songs

Play Benefits

  • Helps kids learn fun animal facts
  • Encourages responsibility
  • Promotes are and creativity
  • Inspires imaginative play
  • Introduces children to the computer

Plus! Printable animal coloring sheets and activities for play away from the computer.


Windows 95/98/3.1 - 486/66 MHz or faster, 16MB RAM or higher, SVGA 640x480 256 colors, 4x CD-ROM drive, mouse, Windows compatible sound card. Printer optional.

Power Macintosh - System 7.5.1 or higher, 16MB RAM, 14" 256 color monitor, 4x CD-ROM drive, hard drive. Printer optional.

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