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ZOOM Where's the Blanket
Charlie Brown?
$9.95 (Win95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP/Mac) (Retail) (PEANUTSDR)

Publisher: Tivola

Ages 3-7

Multilingual: English, German


4.5 in Kid Appeal from Super Kids

from The Four Fat Chicks

from Computing with Kids

Linus' Blanket Is Missing!!!!!

Good Grief! Linus` security blanket is missing and it is up to you and the Peanuts Gang to track it down! Team up with Charlie Brown or Lucy as Snoopy guides you through this unique educational discovery game. Enter the world of Peanuts and drop into computer camp, go to the supermarket, check out the library, or catch the magic show of the "Great Houndini" (who looks a lot like Snoopy)!

Designed to appeal to kids of all ages, this play-story will delight youngsters as they learn valuable lessons through wit, humor and heart. Hours of Educational Gameplay and fun clickables!


Choose from two different languages

The snoopy meter will tell you if this very special beagle needs a rest or snack.

9 Fun filled games to discover and play

Learn problem solving, pattern recognition, mapping skills , music exploration and much more.


Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP: Pentium, 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM, SVGA-graphics card (16-bit), sound card, CD-ROM-drive (4x-speed), 40 MB free hard disc space

Macintosh: MAC OS ab 8.1, Power PC, 32 MB RAM, graphics card (32768 colors), sound card, CD-ROM-drive (4x-speed), 40 MB free hard disc space


Super Kids Software Reviews

"Where's the Blanket, Charlie Brown? is a point and click, exploration mystery program. Linus' grandmother is coming to visit for a few days -- but she hates his omnipresent blanket. Charlie Brown says, "no problem. You can leave it with me for safe keeping." And so he does -- but it has disappeared! Your job? Help Charlie Brown [or Lucy] find it."

"As with many other programs of this genre, a large portion of the educational value comes from the problem solving effort expended. Logical thinking and spatial memory are key skills to solving this mystery. Add puzzles covering listening skills, pattern recognition, musical memory, drawing, and mazes to the mix, and this is a reasonably strong program for young users."

Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"The age range is noted as 4 to 102, and I can’t argue with that. I had a smile on my face before I even started playing. However, I should point out that the gameplay is most definitely aimed at the younger end of the spectrum. The very best way for grown ups to enjoy this game would be with a child on your knee or sitting right beside you."

"It’s a lot of fun chasing after that elusive blanket. In true adventure game style, just when you think you’ve got it, either it slips through your fingers or it turns out to be not the blanket you’re looking for. Snoopy is always there to give a helping hand but he does demand some special attention. If he’s going to help out then he’s going to need some sustenance, so the player must watch the Snoopy meter and be on the look out for Snoopy’s favourite snacks."

"Peanuts: Where’s the Blanket Charlie Brown? is a great little game for young players and one that will bring back a lot of fond memories for older players. It can be played in either German or English, and the disk contains a pdf walkthrough file in case of emergency."

The Four Fat Chicks by Orb

"Peanuts has been in print for over 50 years and is the most widely syndicated comic strip in history. So of course there would be some trepidation that, in this new medium, it would not be true to the characters and situations that so many readers are intimately familiar with. The truth is that a fabulous job has been done here in duplicating the simplicity and fun of the comic and adding an educational element for children while keeping it enjoyable for an adult player."

"The puzzles are pretty much oriented toward problem-solving and logic, which is great for kids. None are terribly challenging for adults but all are perfect and entertaining for children. The game is not so simplistic that an adult playing with a child would not have a good time, and I enjoyed it on my own as well. In additon to the main game there are nine component games. These have a number of subjects, music and math, and some are arcade games. Each has two difficulty levels, and even the hardest level is a pretty straightforward matter for the adult player."

"Whoever was responsible for choosing Tivola to develop and publish a game based on these beloved characters, who have really become part of the fabric of our culture, chose wisely. Tivola seems to do a consistently high-quality job in the edutainment titles they publish, with almost an old-world attention to detail, and this game certainly is no exception.

"Where's the Blanket Charlie Brown? is a perfect game for kids—it provides a whimsical, entertaining activity but is constructive from an educational standpoint. It's also a fun trifle to pass a bit of time for the adult who is looking for a relaxing and not-too-challenging experience."

Computing with Kids by Ginny Gudmundsen

"This adventure is charming and entertaining to play. Charlie Brown is steady in spite of setbacks (“Good Grief Charlie Brown!”) and Lucy is still a fussbudget. Snoopy adds comic relief with his funny antics."

"By adventuring with the loveable Peanuts gang, kids can play educational games and learn logical reasoning."

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