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ZOOM P. B. Bear's Birthday Party
Sold Out (Mac) (Retail) (PBBEARMR)

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Multimedia


Ages: 3 to 6


4 stars from Multimedia World

An Interactive Story for Very First Readers

Come to P.B.'s birthday party. Find out what's inside his presents and blow out all the candles on his cake.

P.B. Bear's Birthday Party is a charming interactive story designed for young children three to six years old. It is also a powerful learning tool that will allow parents to help their children form links between the spoken and the written word, develop new vocabulary, and learn to use one of the most powerful tools in the home - the computer.

Fun to Learn. Every aspect of this title has been designed to make it entertaining, educational, and above all, easy and fun to use. By interacting with special pictures, children are rewarded with sound effects and animations while learning new words.

Easy-to-Read Text. P.B. Bear's Birthday Party has been specially created to promote first reading skills. Using the spoken word and simultaneously highlighted text, children are encouraged to form an instant link between speech and the written word.

Simple to Use. A point-and-click interface, plus a delightfully easy navigation system that remains hidden until you need it, make this CD-ROM usable for even the youngest children.

Educational Activities. Simple activities help develop children's reasoning skills. Based on episodes in P.B. Bear's story, they introduce key concepts such as size, shape, color, number, and more.

First Computer Skills. A perfect introduction to the computer - one of the key tools all children will have to use as they progress through school and beyond.

Requirements: Macintosh - Any Apple Macintosh computer that supports a 14-inch (640x480 pixels) monitor displaying 256 colors, 4Mb of RAM (6Mb recommended), and CD-ROM drive. System 7 or later.


Multimedia World, September 1995

"Here are two bear-themed storybooks designed to help children learn to read in a fun and entertaining enviornment. While the discs have similar approaches - highlighting the story's words while a voice-over narrates - each has a profoundly different look, feel, and effect. Living Books' Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight tells the story of a brother and sister who get into a terrible row. Using Saturday-morning cartoon animation, the disc offers their quarrel as a gentle moral lesson. P.B. Bear's Birthday Party brings us an adorable animated teddy bear who celebrates his birthday with a crew of cute playmates. The CD's innovative design, which animates stuffed animals, should appeal to toddlers. Both titles have lots of fun clickables, but Berenstain Bears doesn't offer as much playing time or interactivity as P.B. Bear, which presents a number of different learning games and storytelling options. Berenstain Bears has some great animation, but it's better as a bedtime story than as a true educational aid."

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