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ZOOM Pathways Through Jerusalem
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (PATHWAYJDR)

Future Vision/SoftKey


Suitable for all audiences


4 stars from PC Entertainment

There is a city so magical, so mystical that it has inspired religions, warriors, psalmists, kings, and poets... Jerusalem.

According to legend, while ten measures of beauty were bestowed upon the world, nine went to Jerusalem.

What is it about this city that inspires such love, anger, passion and loyalty?
Only one square mile and yet Jerusalem's walled Old City has for three millennia been a lightning rod for the forces of human faith, love and yearning.

A city of mirrors, the old reflecting the new, the religious reflecting the profane, peace reflecting war. A city where the ancient stones hold secrets and legends timeless as the ages.
State of the art technology coupled with breathtaking graphics and the help of nine unforgettable tour guides, takes you through the streets where prophets and martyrs once walked.

Experience ancient Jerusalem guided by the personalities that shaped it and visit modern day Jerusalem guided by people who live there today.
Embark on an amazing journey. Pathways Through Jerusalem is your virtual guide through this magical city. Come join us...


The city that sparks fire in the souls of millions. Walk the streets of the Holy City with some of the greatest names known to man.

Destroyed and rebuilt 39 times in 40 centuries, Jerusalem still calls out to Jew, Christian and Muslim alike with a timeless message of faith.

Explore the drama of Jerusalem throughout history with five ancient tour guides and experience the kaleidoscopic reality of the city today with four modern tour guides.

King David, a shepherd who became the leader of his people.

Dirk The Crusader, who marched across Europe to liberate the Holy Land.

Herod The Great, whose brilliance as a builder was matched only by his cruelty.

Suleiman The Magnificent, Ottoman Sultan, equally at home with pirates and kings.

Queen Helena, who left the royal court to make a pilgrimage of faith.

  • Enter the Magic world of Jerusalem's legends and folklore.
  • Hear what they've written about Jerusalem - from the Bible to the Koran to the New York Times.
  • Thrill to the rhythm of today's Jerusalem and witness historical moments in her past through the wonder of live-action video.
  • Join the archaeologists who bring the ancient world alive.
  • Browse through the Timeline for 3000 years of Jerusalem and World history at a glance.
  • Search through the Database for easy-to-read articles about important events, places and personalities in Jerusalem's history.
  • The tourist-friendly Pathmap makes it easy for you to find and revisit your favorite sites.
  • The Main Map transports you to hundreds of fascinating sites, instantly!

Requirements for Windows: 486SX 25 MHz processor or better, 8 MB RAM minimum SVGA (640 x 480, 256) graphics card with compatible monitor, double-speed CD-ROM drive with MSCDEX, Mouse or other Windows pointing device. Windows compatible sound card. Windows 3.1 or later.

Requirements for Macintosh: 68030, 25MHz processor or better, 8 MB RAM minimum, 13" color monitor or larger, Double-speed CD-ROM drive, System 7.1 or later.


PC Entertainment, March 1996

"Future Vision Multimedia's Pathways Through Jerusalem takes a multicultural view. You'll find interesting interactive timelines, hyperlinked databases, and multimedia maps covering the city, its history, and its significance. The comprehensive two-disc title also presents nine guided video tours throughout the city. Your guides include historical figures King David and Herod the Great, as well as modern Christian, Jewish, and Muslim residents. Each covers the same ground, but view it from a unique historical and cultural perspective. The guides' acting talent ranges from sincere to campy, but the experience captures the essence of an actual visit to the Holy City and reflects how different groups regard this important place."

Computer Shopper, March 1996

"There's an excellent database for researching specific sites and topics, as well as a cool map that lets you take in the city one site at a time. You also can access period texts, check in on related archaeological discoveries, learn about the myths associated with various places, and get different historical perspectives from other guides about the same structure or landmark.

Technically, the title is brilliant. The producers make effective use of blue-screen filming techniques to superimpose the actors against the historical backdrops. The video clips are done extremely well, too, particularly those rleating to the modern era of the British Mandate and the founding of Israel."

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