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ZOOM Oregon Trail 3rd Edition
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (OREGONT3DR)

For a newer version see Oregon Trail 5th Edition

Publisher: MECC / The Learning Company

Children / Historical game

Ages: 10 to adult

Pioneer Adventures

Experience the adventure of The Oregon Trail and stake your claim in the Old West. Survival hinges on the many crucial decision you'll make. With a different outcome each time you play, there's no end to the fun to be had. But time's a wasting. Hit the trail.

Will you pick a team with a lot of money or strong survival skills?

Stock up on supplies or buy them along the way?

Ford the Snake River or caulk your wagon and float across?

Stop and rest when you have a cold, or continue on and risk fatal disease?

Survive by hunting and fishing or trade your remaining supplies for food?

Social Studies
Plant & Animal Habitats

New Features

Pick your team and balance their skills for a successful journey.

Experience true adventure with 3D river crossings.

Build your food supply with 3D fishing trips and seamless, 360-degree hunting screens


Windows 95/98, Pentium 90 MHz, 30MB hard drive space, 16MB RAM, 256 color SVGA, quad speed CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, speakers.

Macintosh - System 7.5 or higher, PowerPC, 30MB hard drive space, 16MB RAM, 256 color monitor, quad speed CD-ROM drive.


Computer Shopper, March 1998

"The latest version of The Learning Co.'s popular Oregon Trail software simulation utilizes stunning graphics and full-motion video to transport children aged 10 and up back to the year 1848. As the leader of a wagon train traveling from Missouri to Oregon, players make all of the important decisions that determine the success (or failure) of their westward trek. Children learn about the geography, indigenous people, plants, and animals of the American West and get to practice important problem-solving skills at the same time.

"Young pioneers begin by interviewing prospective settlers. The skills, personalities, and combined wealth of the characters chosen determines the ease or difficulty of the long journey ahead.

"Once on the trail, players set the pace, decide when to hunt or to ford a river, and manage supplies. Many factors affect the party's morale: An outbreak of cholera may leave some companions weak, while a lack of fresh vegetables may become a sore point with others. Players have to rely on their wits and an onscreen guidebook to safely reach Oregon.

"With three skill levels and numerous character choices, the program's replay value is high. Our testers were entranced by the often amusing personalities of the characters and the many choices to make along the trail. We experienced periodic audio glitches and system crashes on one of our systems, but the program worked fine on our other test system. The company's technical support person was cooperative, but the suggestion to download and install new audio, video, and DirectX drivers failed to correct the problem.

"Despite some technical problems, Oregon Trail has outstanding educational and entertaining content that will have kids and some adults diverted for hours."

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