Wyatt Earp's Old West

Wyatt Earp's Old West - Grolier - In Sleeve - Mac - $18.95



You've just arrived by stagecoach. The year is 1880. You step out of the bank. Suddenly Ike Clanton rounds the corner - with his gun drawn. He fires. You draw and shoot. Until the smoke clears, not a soul in town can say for sure who'll get out alive.

Journey back into the Wild West with this exciting, fully interactive CD-ROM from Grolier Electronic Publishing. Wyatt Earp's Old West lets you decide how to explore an authentic Wild West town's dusty streets and buildings. Just point and click to sidle up to the bar at the Oriental Saloon. Mosey down Fremont Street and crack the safe at the local bank office. You can even trade gunfire with the Clanton Brothers out at the O.K. Corral.

As you roam through town, you'll learn about the real Wyatt Earp and all sorts of interesting information about life in the Old West. You'll hear stories about the people, places and events of this fascinating period in American history. But be careful. A bandit could jump out from behind a barrel and begin shooting at any time. Unless you're fast on the draw, that last trip up to Boot Hill Graveyard could be yours. In Wyatt Earp's Old West, you're at the center of all the action. Keep your mouse ready at your side.


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