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ZOOM Leonard Nimoy Science Fiction
Volumes 1 & 2
$9.95 (Win95/98/Mac Only) (Jewel Case) (NIMOYPKPJ)

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Reference / Literature

An Interactive Time Capsule of Sci-Fi Masterpieces

Your space ship crashes in a desolate, alien landscape...and, as you begin to explore the planet surface, you unearth a cache of treasures from the Masters of Science Fiction!

Leonard Nimoy is your host and master curator for this fully interactive, hyperlinked archive of science fiction masterpieces. With one full hour of video clips featuring Nimoy and sci-fi's leading scholars, rare first-edition artwork and a complete unedited collection of hard-to-find novels, this time capsule is a unique opportunity to experience anew the grandeur and thrill of the early science fiction era.

A Museum of Sci-Fi Art. Immerse yourself in the vivid world of original full-color art. Ecplore dozens of archival photos and rare first-edition artwork from the period.

Top Sci-Fi Experts. Snappy video clips from the world's leading sci-fi experts add exclusive insights to these classics from the first era of science fiction.

A Rare Literary Time Capsule. You'll have sci-fi's greatest classics at your fingertips. The fully interactive hyperlink capabilities of each book let's you explore the complete text, original cover art, and related video clops, as well as Leonard Nimoy's compelling introduction to each novel.

As an added feature, each book comes with a handy on-screen bookmark that allows you to note your favorite key passage.


Jules Verne

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

From the Earth to the Moon

Round the Moon

H. G. Wells

The War of the Worlds

The Island of Dr. Moreau

The Time Machine

The First Men in the Moon

Mary Shelley


Bram Stoker


Robert Louis Stevenson

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

Edgar Allan Poe

22 Stories and Poems


Poul Anderson

Star Ways

Murray Leinster (known as William F. Jenkins)

City on the Moon

David Osborn (known as Robert Silverberg)

Aliens from Space

A. Bertram Chandler

The Rim of Space

George Henry Smith

Druid's World

Frank Belknap Long

Mission to a Star

Stanton Coblentz

The Day the World Stopped

Donald Wollheim (known as David Grinnell)

Across Time

Wallace West

Lords of Atlantis

Manly Banister

Conquest of Earth

Manly Wade Wellman

Giants from Eternity

E. L. Arch (known as Rachel Cosgrove Payes)

The Man with Three Eyes

Requirements: Windows - IBM compatible 486DX 33 or higher, Windows 95/98 Only, 8 MB RAM, 256 color 640x480 Super VGA, MPC compatible sound card, 2x CD-ROM drive, 2MB hard drive.

Requirements: Macintosh - 68030 processor or higher, 8 MN of free application RAM, 256 color 640x480 display, 2x CD-ROM drive, 2MB hard drive.

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