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ZOOM Operation Neptune
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Jewel Case) (NEPTUNEDJ)

Publisher: The Learning Company


Ages: 9 to 14

Pre-Algebra Math/Problem Solving


4 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today

Top 100 CD-ROMs from PC Magazine 1994

Do You Have What It Takes to Save the World's Oceans?

Toxicity levels are rising. Hazardous undersea mazes must be navigated. And dangerous sea creatures lie in wait. It's a top-secret search-and-rescue mission for the remains of an unmanned space capsule and its vital data canisters that crashed into the sea - a mission that only you and the high-tech mini-sub Neptune can handle.

Calculate your position relative to the surface ship. Compute your food and water supply. And determine when the next volcanic eruption will occur. These are just some of the challenging math calculations you'll face. The powerful onboard computer and calculator will help, but it's your own mental math strength and stamina that will be tested.

Special Features

Endless hours of undersea adventure. Colorful graphics, digitized music, and special sound effects bring this undersea adventure to life like never before. Start at the Voyager level; then advance to Expert where the action and marine hazards increase.

Practice your math. You can customize the content of math problems to focus on specific math skills. Also, a new Math Practice feature allows players to work on specific types of math problems without playing the game.

You've got two chances. Miscalculate, and the sub's computer displays a strategy hint onscreen; miss again, and a step-by-step solution appears.

Time out. There's no penalty for taking your time to solve math word problems.

Educational Benefits:

Get ready for algebra. By providing a solid math and problem-solving foundation with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios, and percentages, Operation Neptune will give you a great head start for algebra.

Build your math confidence. Problem-solving hints and calculator and customization options make learning math easier and more enjoyable.

Enhance your math skills with real-life word problems. Solving word problems and using measurement concepts such as area, distance, and volume help you see how math can be used in the real world.

Strengthen problem-solving and thinking skills. Reading and interpreting data found in charts, graphs, maps, and tables will help improve your problem-solving skills.


Windows IBM and compatibles - 386DX/33 MHz or better, Windows 95 or higher with 8 MB RAM, hard disk, 256 color SVGA, double speed CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, mouse.

Macintosh - 68030 processor or better, System 7.5 with 5 MB RAM (8 MB recommended) or System 7.0.6 with 4 MB RAM, hard disk, 256 color monitor (13" or larger), double speed CD-ROM drive, mouse.


CD-ROM Today, September 1995

"Don't be intimidated by The Learning Company's claim that Operation Neptune 'builds pre-algebra and problem-solving skills.' Your children will be so busy solving the mystery of the ocean's toxic levels they'll scarcely realize they're doing math, let alone algebra."

"Operation Neptune is a refreshing change from mind-numbing drill-and-practice programs. Each problem is realistic and wholly integrated with the mission you're trying to accomplish. At no point are you expected to tear yourself from your role as sub commander in order to solve a bunch of irrelevant math problems. Gamelplay is never the reward for getting the right answer to a mindless exercise. Setting up equations to solve one-step and two-step problems; using mathematical tools such as a calculator, a thermometer, charts, and graphs; measuring length, time, angles, area, and the like - these are all part of the game. Problems are solved because they must be solved."

"Wisely, Operation Neptune avoids using negative reinforcement. Your ship doesn't disintegrate if you fail to solve a problem or can't avoid the ocean's hazards, it just runs out of oxygen and returns to the supply station for more. Finally, each game is saved from sign-in to sign-in, allowing continued play and avoiding endless repetition.

"Kids will find Operation Neptune an entertaining game of dexterity, imagination, and problem solving. But adults shouldn't be surprised to find it equally addicting."

PC Magazine, September 13, 1994

"If you can decipher the percentage of unhealthy barnacles in a given area, you may be able to save the world's oceans. This underwater adventure builds pre-algebra math skills as it transports you 20,000 leagues under the sea in a challenging and engaging search-and-rescue mission. There is also some arcade action, so while the going may be tough, it's never boring."

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