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ZOOM The Complete National
Geographic 110 Years
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (NATGEOCDR)
Ships with large wooden Commemorative Storage Box

Also Note: National Geographic Maps

National Geographic / Mindscape / Topics


31/32 CD-ROM set


8 from boot Magazine

110 Years of National Geographic Magazine

Every Page...Every Issue

Over one hundred years of top-notch reporting puts the most memorable images and discoveries of the 20th century at your fingertips. The Complete National Geographic: 110 Years of National Geographic Magazine on CD-ROM is the ultimate resource and reference tool. Use it for schoolwork, research, and travel ideas - or just enjoy a journey through history. Effortlessly browse, search, and print. View article summaries with the powerful, but simple-to-use search engine.

Every article, photograph, map, and magazine cover

Entire search index on every CD points you easily to the correct disc

192,000+ pages with spectacular photographs

9,400+ fascinating articles

100+ years of classic advertisements

Easy to install

Requires minimal hard-disk space

Includes access to an online resource center, collector's corner, and exclusive National Geographic community area

Volume I: The Early Years (4 CDs)

Witness the destruction of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake through gripping eyewitness accounts. Join Commander Robert E. Peary in 1909 in his quest for the North Pole. Travel to Tibet with Sven Hedin, a bold adventurer who mapped 6,000 miles of the world's previously uncharted regions. And experience many more captivating moments from 1888 - 1909.

Volume II: The 1910s (3 CDs)

Witness the sudden, thunderous eruption of Mount Katmai in Alaska. Join Teddy Roosevelt on big-game safaris in Africa. Relive Roald Amundsen's amazing attainment of the South Pole by dogsled in 1911. Discover the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu with Hiram Bingham in 1913. And experience many more captivating moments from the 1910s.

Volume III: The '20s (3 CDs)

Take an airborne tour of America with Charles Lindbergh in his Spirit of St. Louis and soar over the North Pole with Commander Richard E. Byrd. Voyage to Easter Island on a quest to understand the origins of the gigantic stone heads found there. Witness the official opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen, and relive the birth of "Egyptomania." And experience many more captivating moments from the 1920s.

Volume IV: The '30s (3 CDs)

Rise to record heights in the stratosphere - nearly 14 miles above the earth - in the balloon Explorer II. Plunge half a mile under the sea with William Beebe in his bathysphere. Fly solo to Hawaii with the legendary Amelia Earhart in 1935. Ride along on the first motorized trips through the Himalayas and the first Trans-African motorcycle expedition. And experience many more captivating moments from the 1930s.

Volume V: The '40s (3 CDs)

See the high-speed photographs of dazzling hummingbirds, captured on film at 1/3000 of a second. Explore the ruins of Colorado's Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. Relive the liberation of Paris in 1944, with soldiers parading down streets still echoing the lockstep march of Nazi storm trooper boots. And experience many more captivating moments form the 1940s.

Volume VI: The '50s (3 CDs)

Endure humanity's first cruel winter at the South Pole, as a scientific team battles temperatures of 100°F below zero. Explore the world's vast oceans with Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his revolutionary Aqua-Lung. Triumph at the conquest of Mount Everest in 1954. Discover the wreck of the Bounty and meet the direct descendants of Fletcher Christian and his crew. And experience many more captivating moments from the 1950s.

Volume VII: The '60s (3 CDs)

Once again, mourn the death of President Kennedy, assassinated less than one month before he was to dedicate the new Geographic headquarters building, through the minute-by-minute accounts of the country's final tribute. Witness Louis Leakey's breathtaking discovery of the first traces of early man in the Olduvai Gorge. Journey to space and walk on the moon with the crew of Apollo 11. And experience many more captivating moments from the 1960s.

Volume VIII: The '70s (3 CDs)

"Speak" with Koko, an amazing gorilla that learned sign language. Travel to Ethiopia and unearth the remains of Lucy, humankind's oldest known ancestor. Join Thor Heyerdahl on a death-defying transatlantic sea voyage in a papyrus reed boat, the Ra II. Study pollution, the scourge of the industrialized world, and learn the ways humans are attempting to manage their fragile home planet. And experience many more captivating moments from the 1970s.

Volume IX: The '80s (3 CDs)

Search with Bob Ballard for the haunting wreckage of the Titanic, two and a half miles beneath the surface of the North Atlantic. Trek to the North Pole with Will Steger, the first to make the journey without resupplying since Robert Peary. Look back at May 18, 1980, as Mount St. Helens erupts with the force of an atomic bomb. And experience many more captivating moments from the 1980s.

Volume X: The '90s (3 CDs)

Follow Jane Goodall's 35-year odyssey dedicated to understanding the ways of chimpanzees in the wild. Examine the state of our most critical resource - water. Discover the chilling mystery behind Peru's Ice Maiden mummy. Follow the fight to save the earth's disappearing wildlife through the Endangered Species Act. Once more, witness the devastating aftermath of the Gulf War. And experience many more captivating moments from the 1990s (1990 - 1998).


Windows 95 or Windows 98 - Pentium 90MHz processor or faster, 24MB RAM, 70MB free disk space, SVGA video card supporting 16 bit color, 16 bit sound card, 4x CD-ROM. Optional: printer, 14.4 Kbps modem for Internet access.

Macintosh - PowerPC or higher, System 7.5 or higher, 32MB RAM, 70 MB free disk space, 640 x 480 16 bit color display, 4x CD-ROM. Optional: printer, 14.4 Kbps modem for Internet access.


boot Magazine, April 1998

"Your parents no longer need to store the miles and miles of back issues of National Geographic - and now you can search for those favorite articles with east.

"The Complete National Geographic is almost perfectly named. Its 30 CD-ROMs archive 1,200 issues of National Geographic spanning 11 decades, starting from 1888. We're talking about more than 9,000 articles, or over 188,500 printed pages, including all the ads. Every page of every issue was scanned and indexed, allowing you to search the archive in a variety of ways, including by topic, subject, date, issue, photographer, advertiser, and even map titles.

"Once you've found an issue or article of interest, you read it onscreen by viewing the entire scanned page. The pages are displayed in 8-, 16-, or 24-bit color, with a custom palette built on the 256 colors that best represent the images. You can also print articles to either black and white or color printers.

"The only weak points are rather nit-picky. For one, when you first run the program, you are forced to watch four Quicktime video clips in succession - almost a minute worth - including a Kodak ad and a montage of National Geographic logos. You can't abort them, Thankfully, you can skip them the next time by clicking - over and over - to kill each video as it comes up. The only other disappointment was that Mindscape didn't include the fold-out maps/posters that often came with the issues. A pity, since some of them were quite stunning.

"The (almost) Complete National Geographic is highly recommended to any fan of the print publication - and not only because you can finally get all that shelf space back!"

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