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Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (MYTH2DR)

New Updated Version 1.1



ESRB Rating: Mature (Ages 17+) - Animated blood, gore and violence


88% from PC Gamer

Sequel to the Game of the Year

Destruction reigns supreme. Castle walls crumble under a barrage of Dwarven mortar fire. Flaming arrows rain down from battlements. Deadly sorceries rip through your ranks, scattering your bravest warriors.

Welcome to Myth II: Soulblighter, a strategy game set in a 3D world of dangerous alliances and ancient evil, where all beings tremble before the wrath of Soulblighter, cruelest and most cunning of the evil Fallen Lords.

Seize the Walls and Wreak Havoc from Above
Destroy bridges and storm enemy fortifications. Seize the drawbridge before the guards can raise it. In Myth II: Soulblighter immense 3D structures are an integral part of the environment. Use them to your advantage, or die.

Set Off Explosions that Send Limbs Flying
Myth II: Soulblighter is the only strategy game with real-world physics. Launch arrows in deadly arcs over obstacles. Set off earth-rippling 3D explosions that send heads rolling. Use Dwarven mortars to blast through enemy walls and fortifications.

Control the High Ground
Seize the high ground so your archers can shoot farther. These spectacular 3D landscapes aren't just for show. The difference in elevation can mean the difference between life and death.

Invade Enemy Strongholds
Storm the castle... and take it. Travel through scorching deserts, snowy mountains, and deadly swamps. Fight your way down echoing castle corridors and through dangerous catacombs.

Create Your Own Campaigns
Design and share your own levels, from battlefields to entire worlds. With the included campaign editors, Fear and Loathing, you can create 3D maps, objects, sounds, artifacts, even units.


  • Control your troops with ease using a powerful and intuitive new interface
  • Choose from 10 customizable formations - how you arrange your men can mean life or death
  • Beware the hazards of real weather. Rain extinguishes fires and snow reveals tracks.
  • Challenge a sophisticated AI that strives to outthink you, outmaneuver you, and crush you
  • Torch the grass beneath your foe or set the ground ablaze to strategically block a pass
  • Wield a new magic system where spell casters have multiple spells and replenishing mana
  • Smash your enemy with dozens of new units, all with multiple attacks and smoother animations
  • See your troops from every angle and zoom in on the 3D combat

Endless Multiplayer Carnage

Play cooperatively or go head to head with up to 16 players per game via TCP/IP, AppleTalk, or play for free on

Test your skill on dozens of net-only maps and net-specific games like Assassin and Last Man on the Hill

Log in to and compete in worldwide individual and team rankings.

Download free new net maps from the web site.


Windows 95/98/NT 4.0: 133 MHz Pentium processor (200 MHz recommended), 32MB RAM, high color (16bit) video card (DirectX compatible, 4x CD-ROM.

Mac OS: System 7.5 or greater, 100MHz PowerPC 601 processor (120MHz 604 recommended), 32MB RAM, 16bit (thousands) color at 640x480, 4x CD-ROM drive.

Mutliplayer Options: Internet connection at 28.8k bps or higher, TCP/IP Internet connections or Local Area Network (LAN) running TCP/IP, AppleTalk connection to AppleTalk network (Mac only).

3D Audio (optional feature): supports the 3D audio features of Creative Labs Environmental Audio Extensions (EAX) and Aureal's A3D.

3D Acceleration (optional feature): uses Microsoft's Direct 3D (PC), 3DFx's Glide (Mac and PC), RAVE (Mac), and Rendition's Redline (PC) to support 3D hardware acceleration.


PC Gamer, May 1999

"Making a sequel to a successful game is always a risky prospect - change too much, and you risk alienating your audience; change too little, and you're accused of kicking the product out the door just to make a quick buck. For the most part, Bungie has successfully navigated this minefield; the core of the game remains the same, and some nice tweaks have been included to make it all a bit more polished."

"One of the biggest draws of the original Myth was its story line. Unlike so many me-too RTS games that set up some lame science fiction backdrop as an excuse to blow the crap out of everything in sight, Myth unfolded in a cool and suspenseful manner. The same applies for Myth II. The game progresses slowly and deliberately, and the missions work in tandem with the story. Not only does this serve to immerse you in the game, it also allows for some nice variations on traditional RTS missions.."

"While Myth II is a great game and comes highly recommended, it does not represent a complete overhaul or rethinking from the first game. Instead, it's a refinement of a proven formula. That's not a bad thing - if it ain't broke, don't fix it..."

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