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ZOOM My First Amazing Words & Pictures
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (MYFIRSTPR)

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia


Ages: 3 to 7


5 stars from Electronic Entertainment

10 (out of 10) from CDROM Power

Over 1,000 First Words and their Meanings Bring Language to Life.

My First Amazing Words & Pictures combines DK Multimedia's award-winning My First, Incredible, Amazing Dictionary CD-ROM - an enchanting learning adventure of the world of words - with colorful books, stickers, and flashcards, all from D Publishing, the leading publisher of learning products for children.

Have fun while expanding vcabulary, increasing understanding of primary concepts, and developing skills such as pattern recognition and problem-solving. From the word games on the CD-ROM to the treasure hunt in the colorful board book, My First Amazing Words & Pictures entertains as it educates.

More than 1,000 words. From above to zoo, each word has its own picture that comes to life with the click of a mouse.

"Kid-Friendly" Interface. Easy to use, even for pre-readers - every word, definition, title, and instruction is read aloud.

Engaging Word Games. The CD-ROM features three separate word games, each appealing to a different level of vacabulary development.

A Dynamic Dictionary. There are thousands of pathways through the dictionary - move from word to word through hyperlinks, or use the Quick Search feature to go straight to a word.

Flash Cards. Thirty cards to expand your child's vocabulary - includes suggestions for parents and teachers.

Wild Animal Stickers. More than 35 photographic stickers - so realistic the animas seem ready to leap off the sheet.

Treasure Hunt Board Book. This bright book encourages children to look for everyday things. For extra fun, find the little dinosaur hiding on every page.

Sticker Activity Book. Vivid, colorful stickers feature a primary-concept activity and visual puzzles to develop skills.


Windows - IBM or compatible PC, 386SX/25MHz or higher microprocessor, 4Mb of RAM, single speed CD-ROM drive, 8-bit sound card, mouse, SVGA 640x480 pixels, 256-color display, loudspeakers or headphones, Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or later


Electronic Entertainment, January 1995

"Your kids won't think of this electronic dictionary as a mere reference tool. It's a fun place to learn about new words and ideas, with more than 1,000 illustrations and audio-annotated definitions.

"Kids will find it easy to get around by pointing and clicking on the letters of the alphabet. Each word has a photograph or illustration along with its text definition. Click on the word to hear it pronounced, click on the picture to see a fun animation, or click on an icon to hear the defiition read aloud. Additional icons let kids explore related terms such as opposites, alternative meanings, and thematically related words. The program is intended for children 3 to 7, but it extends its appeal to older kids with high-tech terms like compact disc.

"The program also includes three word games. My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary is a surefire way to get kids excited about using a dictionary."

CD ROM Power, March/April 1995

"With its lavish illustrations, rich content, and clever design, this title is not just a dictionary, but also an exploration of words and their meaning. In all, more than 1,000 words and their meanings are featured, bringing everyday words to life with a simple click of the mouse."

"Throughout the title, entertaining animation and friendly voices guide you through the different sections. The title also includes a surprise element. By clicking on a magician's top hat icon, a randomly selected word appears for you to learn.

"This exceptional learning tool is designed for reinforcement. Through pictures, sound, and games, your child will come away knowing what words mean and how to recognize them, not just how to spell them. For grown-ups, the beautiful illustrations will keep you entertained, and you may just manage to broaden your own vocabulary along the way."

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