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ZOOM My Amazing Human Body
Sold Out (Win95/98/2K/XP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (MYAMAZHBDJ)

Dorling Kindserley Multimedia


Ages: 6 to 10

Let Seemore Skinless Teach Your Child

No bones about it, My Amazing Human Body is the best introduction to the human body and its workings for children ages 6 through 10. Here at last is a CD-ROM that lets children learn about the body from the inside out through compelling, interactive games and activities - all centered on Seemore Skinless, a mischievous 3D Skeleton character who guides and entertains with plenty of kid-friendly zaniness.

What Am I Made Of?

Children learn about body parts in detail through an ingenious "analyzing machine." Using Seemore Skinless's body as a strating point, children can highlight a body part and then enlarge it in an analyzer. There it can be x-rayed, measured, spun around, and more. Each body part is linked to fully narrated information screens featuring in-depth descriptions, cross-section views, and fascinating facts about that part or organ.

Take Me Apart

Children find out the location of organs, bones, and body parts by "blowing up" and reassembling Seemore Skinless. The "free play" mode lets children assemble parts to create their own wacky anatomy.

Me and My Day

It's a "day in the life" of Seemore Skinless. Children learn how the body reacts to conditions like tiredness and thirst as they guide Seemore Sknless through a busy day. The challenge is to keep Seemore going strong by responding to conditions such as hunger, thirst, and tiredness.

Build Me a Body

Children can build a body by correctly answering questions to collect body parts, and then dress it up any way they choose. Children must explore the CD-ROM and correctly answer questions to collect bones and organs to assemble a complete body. When completed, children can "accessorize" their body with clothes, shoes, hats, and other items - and even take photographs of their unique creations.

Discover the Secrets of:

  • Food and Eating (the digestive system)
  • Heart and Blood (the circulatory system)
  • Lungs and Breathing (the respiratory system)
  • Brain and Senses (the nervous system)
  • Bones and Muscles (the musculo-skeletal system)
  • Kidneys and Bladder (the urinary system)
  • Hair, Skin, and Nails (the integumentary system)
  • Keeping Fit and Healthy

Features Include:

Seemore Skinless - a specially created, fully rendered 3D skeleton character - makes the disc a joy to explore

Stunning 3D effects and dazzling animations that bring the body to life

A "secret file" that children can personalize with information about themselves

A complete index giving instant access to more than 600 article screens

35,000 words of text prepared by educational experts in a lively yet easy-to-understand style

10 printable "go and do" experiment sheets for "offline" learning and fun

A built-in link to DK's Active Learning Club site on the World Wide Web - a constantly updated, ever-chaning online world of contests, project ideas, special guests, downloadable goodies, and much, much more


Windows 95/98/2000/XP, 486DX2/66MHz, 14Mb RAM, 640x480 pixels, 256 colors, double speed CD-ROM drive, 26Mb hard drive space, 8-bit sound card, loudspeakers or headphone, mouse. To access the online feature of the product you will need Internet access.

Macintosh System 7.12+, 68LC040 33MHz, 8Mb RAM (12Mb for System 7.5.3+ and Power PC), 640x480 pixels, 256 colors, double speed CD-ROM drive, 6Mb hard drive space, loudspeakers or headphone, mouse. To access the online feature of the product you will need Internet access.

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