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ZOOM Microsoft Cinemania
Sold Out Microsoft Cinemania 1997
(Win95/98/Me/XP) (In Sleeve) (MSCINE97PO)



Microsoft Cinemania 97

Microsoft Cinemania 97 interactive movie guide has all the latest information on current movies and the people who make them. Whether you're looking for details about a particular film or just browsing through the more than 20,000 cross-referenced titles, you'll find Cinemania as entertaining as it is informative.

Thumbs up? Four stars? Think of all the movies you've seen that just missed your expectations. It's comments and critiques from top-quality reviewers - Leonard Maltin, Pauling Kael, and Roger Ebert - that help you find the gems and sidestep the flops.

The stars are within your grasp. Get all the latest movie reviews and celebrity information, and discover all the other movies your favorite star has appeared in. Even get the name of that guy who was in that drama, you know, he played the friend with the dog...

New for 1997! Backstage with the insiders. Go behind the scenes on a celebrity-guided tour with insights, perspectives, and stories on subjects from Alfred Hitchcock to Great Ladies of the Movies.

Filmographies for more than 10,000 personalities

More than 4,500 profiles of directors, writers, and other movie professionals

More than a thousand movie stills help you relive some of the great moments of film

More than 150 movie dialog clips and more than 30 video clips

Cinemania Suggests - the entertaining way to select a movie when you can't decide

Microsoft Cinemania 96

Microsoft Cinemania 96 is the most authoritative and accurate multimedia movie guide there is - an easy and entertaining way to explore the wonderland of the silver screen. Everything you need is within one window, cross-referenced so you can quickly locate all the best work by your favorite actor or filmmaker.

Roger Ebert, Pulitzer Prize - winning film critic for the Chicago Sun Times and co-host of TV's Siskel & Ebert show, gives thumbs up or down to more than 2,000 films, including all the reviews in Roger Ebert's Video Companion 1996 - and more!

Plus - More than 800 in-depth reviews and more than 90,000 extensive cast and credits listings of classic and contemporary movies from CineBooks' Motion Picture Guide. And articles about the movies and a glossary of film terms from Baseline's The Encyclopedia of Film, James Monaco's How to Read a Film, and Ephraim Katz's The Film Encyclopedia.

Pauline Kael, the respected former critic for the New Yorker and National Book Award winner, pulls no punches in more than 2,800 reviews from her 5001 Nights at the Movies.

Leonard Maltin, critic and resident film buff on television's popular syndicated program Entertainment Tonight, shares with you more than 20,000 reviews from his Movie & Video Guide 1996.

Exciting new reviews, and the latest movie news online!

Now, each month you can download new reviews of the latest films and current filmographies of your favorite stars - integrated into the information on your CD-ROM. Subscribe to MSN The Microsoft Network or another Internet connection to get easy access to these updates. You can also visit the Cinemania Connection on MSN where every day you'll find the very latest news, reviews, and talk about movies.

Feel like a comedy? A thriller? Can't decide? Spin the wheel! Pick a category that suits your mood, and Cinemania Suggests recommends movies that fit the bill, selected by people who know and love good films.

A cast of thousands! A click of the mouse gives you easy access to more than 4,000 biographies of celebrated movie professionals, more than 2,500 photo portraits, more than 1,175 movie stills, 180 film dialogue clips, 120 tracks of film music, and 23 video scenes.

Requirements: Multimedia PC with a 486/33 MHz or higher processor, Microsoft Windows 95 operating system or higher, 8MB of memory for Windows 95 (16MB for Windows NT), 256 color or higher-resolution monitor, double speed or faster CD-ROM drive, audio board and speakers required for sound, Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device, Windows compatible modem and online service required for online monthly update service (separately acquired).

Note: No longer being updated!


PC Entertainment, March 1996

"Microsoft's latest edition of its movie reference is the best yet, with more than 24,000 movie listings and biographies. But if you want more, go online."

"Cinemania reprises the monthly update approach used in Encarta. Here, though, the updates are mostly text sprinkled with a few movie stills, so they take up only about 350KB each. The updates are very current, with what seems like a four-week lag from the time a movie premieres until it appears online. But while the CD-ROM features reviews by such big names as Kael, Maltin, and Ebert, the online updates only offer about 15 to 20 new movie reviews from Microsoft staffers."

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