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ZOOM Mixed Up Mother Goose
Sold Out (Win95/98/DOS) (Jewel Case) (MIXGOOSDPJ)
On other systems you can use ScummVM to run this.

Included in the Roberta Williams Collection

Sierra On-Line


Ages: 3 to 6

Multilingual: English and Spanish


3 (out of 4) stars from HomePC

Storybook Characters Come Alive

Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe, originally introduced in 1988, is one of the best-loved children's software titles of all time. Updated for today's multimedia computers, it has high-resolution graphics, digitized music and voice, and a host of new features.

This interactive, multimedia adventure introduces children ages 3-6 to the world of computers while teaching them logic, organization and memory skills. Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep; the cat's lost his fiddle; there's lots of trouble in Mother Goose Land. Children reunite 18 delightful animated characters with their lost items. In return, each character performs a song complete with animation and text so children can sing along.

Mother Goose Land, with its charming details and surprises, will keep your child captivated for hours.

New high-resolution graphics make this perennial parents' favorite even better.

Perfect for young readers, and children just learning to use the computer.


Windows - IBM AT bus-compatible system, 386 or higher CPU (486 recommended), hard drive, 6MB system memory, SVGA display and video board capable of displaying 256 colors @ 640x480, sound card that supports Windows 3.1, audio speaker or headphones, Microsoft compatible mouse, CD-ROM drive (recommended double-speed CD-ROM drive).


Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"This is the perfect title to buy as a starting out computer game. Not only will young children feel quite at home with the characters but they will surely have lots of fun completing the treasure hunt as well. Also, it is eminently replayable because the items, and at least one of the nursery rhyme characters, are randomly placed. Hence the pail or the sheep will not be conveniently located in the same screen each time the game is started."

MultiMedia Merchandising, June 1995

"Children 3 to 6 reunite 18 animated characters with their lost artifacts - Little Bo Peep with her sheep, the cat with her fiddle, etc. In return, each character performs an animated sing-along song. The 18 classic songs are arranged in contemporary styles - rap, country, blues, '50s, Cajun and reggae. In fact, the [retail] package includes an audio CD sound track with expanded versions of the 18 songs. And, multilingual options are available. This already popular software title greatly benefits from the CD-ROM format."

Computer Shopper, October 1995

"Mother Goose is something of a multimedia scavenger hunt - a game of concentration on a map. The nursery-rhyme characters are missing key objects: Jack and Jill can't find their pail, Mary's lamb has wandered off, and so on. It's up to kids to scour the landscape, find the 18 missing items, and carry them back to their owners. Along the way, there are nursery rhymes in read-along, sing-along fashion."

"...In our testing, preschoolers to eight-year-olds enjoyed this game, and it's appropriate for prereaders, as the characters show and tell them what to look for. If your kids have tired of the previous CD-ROM version, though, this update won't be of much interest, since the layout and game play are identical.

"Otherwise, Sierra has done an excellent job of improving a solid program with a new look and enjoyable sound track. Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe maintains the innocent game play of prior versions, and shows that a true classic can always make the grade."

HomePC, November 1995

"Now, the game has been released as a deluxe CD-ROM with enhanced graphics, voiceovers, and a musical score that sets the rhymes to cool, radio-friendly rhythms..."

"Finding all the missing material takes a determined gumshoe, however. Kids within the program's recommended age range (3 to 6) had trouble remembering which character owned which object, where the characters lived, and (despite an on-screen map) how to find their way around.

"Kids slightly older than the recommended ages - say, from 6 to 10 - liked the game best. 'It's good, even though it's not for kids my age,' observed Cara. 'It seems kind of confusing for little kids.' That said, once they adjust, even tiny tots will probably linger in this land."

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