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ZOOM Millie's
Math House
$9.95 (Win95/98/XP/Mac 9.2) (Jewel Case) (MILLIEMHDJ)



Ages: 2 to 5


from Computing with Kids

Develop a Love for Math with Millie!

Designed by early learning experts, Millie's Math House gives young children the building blocks they need to develop a solid foundation in math. In seven fun-filled activities, kids explore numbers, shapes, sizes, patterns, addition and subtraction as they build mouse houses, create wacky bugs, make jelly bean cookies and enjoy learning in Millie's house!

Explore Shapes. Use blueprints - or your own creativity - and learn about geometric shapes as you build a Mouse House. Print and color your houses too!

Compare and Match Sizes. Little, Middle and Big need shoes! Help them try on boots, high tops, sandals and slippers as you explore the concept of size.

Encourage Creativity. Learn about numbers and quantity as you place from 1 to 10 rolling eyes, wagging tails, wiggling antennae and other moving parts on a bug!

Learn to Count. Little critters pop up and count off when you select a number from 0 to 30 in the Number Machine.

Develop Problem Solving. Decorate cookies with 0 to 20 jelly beans in the Cookie Factory - and discover the sequence of events required to make a tasty treat for Harley, the horse.

Add and Subtract. Place the same number of objects on your stage as Dorothy has on hers! How many is that? You'll have to count, add and subtract to find out!

See and Hear Patterns. Create, recognize and complete patterns with Bing and Boing, the bouncing pals. As they hop on a picture, it makes a wacky sound. Record your own sounds for even more fun!

In Dear Parents, Edmark's Donna Stanger discusses early learning and each of the activities in Millie's Math House.

Learning Opportunities

  • Identify and Compare Sizes
  • Learn Names of Shapes
  • Match Shapes
  • Create and Complete Patterns
  • Recognize and Read Numerals 0 to 30
  • Hear Numbers 1 to 30 Counted
  • Recognize and Read Number Sentences
  • Practice Addition and Subtraction Facts


Windows: Win 3.1 (enhanced mode), Win 95 or later, 4 MB RAM (8 MB highly recommended), 386DX/33 MHz (486/33 MHz or better recommended), Super VGA, 640 x 480 (256 colors, or more, required), Hard disk with 2 MB free, Mouse, Windows-compatible sound-output device. Optional: Windows-compatible printer, Edmark Touch Window.

Macintosh: Color Macintosh (256 colors required), 4 MB RAM (8 MB recommended), CD-ROM drive (double-speed or faster recommended), System 7.0.1 or higher, 13" monitor or larger. Optional: printer, Edmark Touch Window


Computing with Kids by Jinny Gudmundsen

"This classic in children's software is the best title to use to introduce preschoolers to early math. Youngsters play with Millie (a moose) in seven different activities which teach number recognition, counting, beginning addition and subtraction, size and shape discrimination, and patterns. Children can learn to count by placing jelly beans on virtual cookies, or by selecting the number of crazy parts to place on a virtual bug-there is nothing like ten rolling eyes and seven wiggling antennae to help motivate a child to count. Each activity in this program is well thought out and dedicated to teaching young children how to learn in a fun and supportive environment. Good preschool software should create a learning environment that doesn't allow failure-Millie's Math House does just that. This title works equally well in a classroom or in a home."

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