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ZOOM Mia's Math Adventure
Just in Time
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail Packaging) (MIAMATHDR)

Publisher: TOPICS Entertainment

Ages: 6-10


from Computing with Kids

4.5 from Super Kids

A Fun Filled Learning Adventure

Oh, no! Mia's house has just burned down! How could this have happened? Did Romaine the rat have something to do with it? If only Mia could go back in time and prevent the fire. Maybe the scientific genius, Sam Squirrel, can help. With his plans of a time machine, it might be possible to save Mia's home. Mia will need your help to prevent the tragedy. Guide her on her quest to find all the parts needed to assemble this crazy contraption. You will also need to gather `sparklies' for fuel. But you must hurry, because without you, Mia will not succeed.

Why Mia Works:

The Mia Adventure series perfectly integrates fun learning activities into a story-game of exploration. In each adventure, your child leads Mia throughout her house and garden to find articles needed to complete a mission. Along the way, they encounter engaging and challenging activities that test their abilities. Successful completion of each task results in a reward, bringing the companions one step closer to their goal! Kids learn as they play with Mia, that is why the Mia Adventure series is so effective in teaching fundamental subjects and skills.

The Mia Difference:

With groundbreaking 3D graphics and revolutionary game play format, Mia makes learning fun. Developed by award winning animators, musicians and educators, every minute of play is designed to spark children's interest and stir their imagination. This is what separates the Mia Adventure series from any other children's software - a successful mix of entertainment and quality education. The Mia Adventure is to children's educational software, what Myst and Carmen Sandiego were to the gaming industry - fresh, unique and inspirational. Each adventure puts your child in full control - free to lead Mia on an exciting escapade.

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous feature film animation
  • Games and puzzles
  • Marvelously rich 3D universe
  • Colorful and endearing characters
  • 2CD's for hours of fun filled entertainment
  • Amusing and educational activities
  • Built in feedback help from Mia
  • Unique, real-time navigation of Mia

Fun Subjects:

  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Thinking Skills
  • Plus much more


Windows 98/98/Me/XP: Pentium 233 MMX, 64 MB RAM, 640 x 480 x 256 color, 16 bit Sound Blaster sound card or 100% compatible, 6x CD-ROM drive, 40 MB hard drive space.

Macintosh: OS 8.1 or higher, G3 233 MHz processor or iMac, 64 MB RAM, 640 x 480 x 256 colors, sound card, 6x CD-ROM drive, 40 MB Hard Drive space.


Computing with Kids by Jinny Gudmundsen

"Mia is a mouse you don’t want to miss. Producer Kutoka has created a rich environment that is both realistic and fanciful. The lush graphics depict an incredible amount of detail as players view Mia’s world from her perspective.

"Not only is the adventure special, but the nine math games are particularly well done! Each has four levels and presents a wide range of math topics in a creative and entertaining manner. Children will explore geometry, time, fractions, number sense, equations, and logic."

Super Kids Software Review

"Mia’s Math Adventure does an impressive job of incorporating a plethora of math skills into the learning games encountered during Mia’s quest. The challenges are embedded into Mia’s journey; with the completion of a task, the player earns one of the missing parts used to build the time machine.

"Concepts include number sense, geometry, spatial orientation, time, mental computation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), measuring temperature, comparing and estimating numbers, fractions and problem solving. The creators of this program are definitely curriculum savvy. The skill practiced in each challenge can be made more or less difficult depending upon which of the four levels the player selects. Unfortunately, the level cannot be adjusted mid-adventure; it is selected at the beginning of play."

"Mia’s Math Adventure provides an entertaining way to reinforce a wide variety of age-appropriate math skills. Additionally, Mia’s quest encourages players to use their critical thinking skills to figure out how to arrive at the next math game and solve the mystery. The four difficulty levels provide for new learning experiences with repeat usage. While the quest is best suited for home use, the activities-only option would provide fun math review in a classroom setting."

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