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ZOOM Rescue Heroes
Meteor Madness
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/2000/Mac) (Retail) (METEORMDR)

Publisher: Fisher Price

For Kids 4-7

Save the Planet and Be a Hero!

Join the Rescue Heroes Team to save the planet! Burning meteorites slam into the earth, setting off worldwide disasters! Get with the team - blast water at raging bushfires, snowboard down avalanche-covered slopes, race through deep floodwaters, and climb tall, crumbling cliffs. Colossal adventures put little heroes in control. Saving the world has never been this much fun!

Emergency! This is a Rescue Heroes Alert! Blazing meteorites are causing disasters the world over! Gear up and join the Rescue Heroes Team! Blast raging brushfires with a water cannon and save endangered animals. Rev up your watercraft and save people trapped by the rising waters! There's an avalanche in the mountains - snowboard down hair-raising slopes to reach stranded skiers! Scramble up shattered cliffs in search of hikers who are just barely hanging on! Take command! And remember, with the Rescue Heroes Team, No One Gets Left Behind!

Action Packed Adventures that Will Last a Lifetime:

This exciting Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes game puts your child in control. Action packed rescue operations will keep your child coming back for more while learning the qualities of teamwork and perseverance. Your child will learn the importance of assisting people in need of help - great lessons that will last a lifetime.

Game Features:

Help the Rescue Heroes Team fight disasters around the globe!

Rescue stranded hikers in Klondike Canyon

Help Ariel Flyer carry animals to safety

Snowboard your way to trapped skiers!

Four action packed rescue missions

7 exciting activities, 3 levels of game play

Cool 3D characters and awesome rescue vehicles

Thrilling new adventures every time you play

Play Benefits:

  • Inspires imaginative play
  • Builds critical-thinking skills
  • Encourages teamwork


Win95/98/2000/ME: Pentium 233 MHz or better, 64 MB RAM, 30 MB free hard disk space, 640x480 resolution and 16 bit color, 16x CD-ROM drive, QuickTime 5, sound card.

Macintosh: G3 233 MHz and above, Mac OS 8.1/8.6/9.1/X, 64 MB RAM (32 MB free available), 30 MB free hard drive space, 24x CD-ROM drive, Quicktime 5.


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