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ZOOM Me and My World
Sold Out (Windows/Macintosh) (Jewel Case) (ME&MYWORLDJ)

Future Vision


Multimedia Picture Dictionary

This wonderfully interactive program has it all. Wildly colorful illustrations. Engaging cartoon-quality animation. Movie-caliber voice, music and sound effects. Plus point-and-click ease-of-use with hundreds of surprising hot spots. It's the most entertaining way to enrich your child's vocabulary and enhance reading skills.

The Big Glossary. Inside this giant-sized, yet kid-friendly glossary you'll find hundreds of words that are a part of your child's everyday world. Click on a letter to call up words that start with that letter. Click on a word to hear it pronounced. Or click on a picture to be transported to the "big picture."

Timmy. Meet Timmy, your child's on-line friend. He['s always available - with just a single click - to help young learners find their way, even when they don't yet read.

Slide Show Game. Children use their ears, eyes and reading skills in this fascinating slide show puzzle. First they listen to a word and then match the word to its picture. If they get it right, a piece of the puzzle is revealed. When they get all the matches, a secret surprise awaits them.

Magic Picture Diary. They don't call it magic for nothing. Everywhere your child clicks in these 18 richly illustrated "big picture" scenes, something wonderful happens. Words are displayed and spoken. Music is played. Sound effects set the scene. And sensational surprises erupt. You'll never know what's going to happen next.

There are 18 "big pictures" in Timmy's Magic Picture Diary, and each one is a remarkable adventure in itself. Through these 18 incredibly detailed scenes, children can attend a talent show, tour a city, go to a restaurant, dive into the ocean, visit a doctor - even snoop around in an attic. And all the while, children are expanding their vocabulary and reading skills.


Windows - 486SX, 25MHz processor or better, 4MB or RAM minimum (8MB recommended), SVGA (640x480x256) graphics card with compatible monitor double-speed CD-rOM drive with MSCDEX, mouse or other Windows pointing device, Windows compatible soundcard, Windows 3.1 or later

Macintosh - 68030, 25MHz, 4MB of RAM minimum (8MB recommended), 13" color monitor or better, double speed CD-ROM drive, mouse or other pointing device, System 7.1 or later.


New Media, September 1995

"I was a bit worried when I volunteered to help in a fourth-grade bilingual class in a San Francisco public school...Here's a little insight into the discs my team of reviewers especially liked and why.

"Me and My World is billed as a kid's encyclopedia, but it's really more of a reading and vocabulary tool. The cartoon host, a little boy named Timmy, shows pictures of his classroom and animal friends. Click on any object, and its name is spoken and spelled on-screen. The puzzles, which involve matching objects to their names, seemed simple, but they proved excellent learning tools. One little girl, a recent immigrant from Mexico, spent all afternoon savoring the words 'snake' and 'zebra'.

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