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ZOOM Disney's Math Quest With Aladdin
Sold Out (Win95/Mac) (Retail) (MATHQUDR)

Disney Interactive

Children / Math

Ages: 6 to 9 (Grades 1 to 3)


5.0 in Kid Appeal from SuperKids Educational Software Review

Build Essential Math Skills On Your Quest To Save Agrabah

Featuring Robin Williams as Genie

Kids are off on a thrilling journey where math is the key to completing their adventure. With help and encouragement from Genie, Iago, Aladdin and the ganf, kids build addition, subtraction, geometry and other math skills as they move through the quest. Each math activity incoporates a problem-solving approach so children apply skills in the context of goal-oriented situations. Non-stop excitement and rewards will have your child coming back to this adventure again and again!

The Villain is Dirty D. He's a punk kid. He's 14, bigger than you are and smarter than you are - or so he thinks! He ran away from home and his parent aren't even looking for him! Dirty D's evil plan is to terrorize all amusement parks and fun centers.

Includes Lessons to Build These Skills:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Estimation
  • Geometry
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Problem Solving


  • 18 challenging activities
  • Three skill levels for each activity
  • Genie and Iago provide helpful hints
  • Math skills are applied in the contect of a dynamic 3D adventure

18 Challenging Activites:

  • The Spider Web: Use sorting and classifying skills to feed bugs to Momma Spider and her babies.
  • Yazoul's Number Wall: Add and subtract bricks in the wall until you can find the secret way out of the dungeon
  • Wacky Wakeem's Trading Post: You'll have to make good trades to save Abu. What's he worth? Three lemons? Two apples? One pear?
  • The Magic Potion of Very-unkammen: How many crystals does it take to open the Vortex? To find out, follow the Pharoah's instructions using logical and numerical reasoning.
  • The Mosaic Artist: Use symmetry to complete beautiful mosaics and save Jasmine.
  • Lost in the Dark: Use logical thinking to rescue Aladdin and navigate your way out of the Vortex.
  • The Magic Number Card Game: Each plate needs to hold cards that add up to the magic number. So put your addition and subtraction skills into play and collect tickets for prizes.
  • GeoNim: Fill in the gameboard pattern by using your geometric shapes. Remember, whoever places the last piece wins.
  • The Missing Numbers: It takes real number sense to put all the flashing numbers in the right sequence. Stay on your toes and earn more tickets.
  • Bug Out: Put the bouncing grasshoppers back in their jar by choosing the right net. Pick the wrong net and they'll escape.
  • Square Up: Logic and strategy are the keys to building the first square on the board
  • Rebuild the Temple: Each column of the Temple of Dragons should be 10 units high. Add and subtract pieces until the temple is rebuilt.
  • The Triangle Keys: Place the triangles to complete the pattern and you'll get the magic door to open.
  • Guardians and Jewels: To open the secret door, the number of jewels on the plates must add up to the numbers on the Guardians' crowns.
  • The Guardian's Necklace: Fit the Guardian's jewels into the correct pattern to unlock the doorway to the Magic Room.
  • Lizards and Jewels: The lizards won't let you pass until the number of jewels on the plates equals the numbers on their heads.
  • The Lizard's Necklace: Complete the jeweled pattern on the lizard's necklace to continue the quest.
  • The Attribute Bridge: Make your way across the bridge by choosing the steps with the right attributes.


Windows 95: 486/66 PC, 16 MB RAM and 20 MB Hard Drive Free, 2x CD-ROM Drive, 256 color VESA, PCI or other local bus video, 8 bit sound card.

Macintosh: 68040 or faster processor, System 7.1 or higher, 16MB RAM and 20MB Hard Drive Free, 2x CD-ROM Drive, 256 color display.


SuperKids Educational Software Review

"Math Quest's educational focus is on problem-solving and practice. It takes math practice out of the dull context of repetitive drills, and incorporates it in fun experiences that not only drill but illustrate as well. Three levels of difficulty provide positive reinforcement to learners with varied abilities, while motivating them to continue to work at developing their skills."

"With an intriguing storyline filled with favorite Disney characters, and animation quality similar to Saturday morning cartoons, Math Quest garnered great praise from our young reviewers. "It's just like watching cartoons, but you get to play, too!" noted one seven year-old girl. Robin William's spontaneous humor often appealed to their parents, as well."

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