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ZOOM Math Blaster Algebra
Sold Out (Win95/3.1) (Jewel Case) (MATHBLAPJ)

Included in Math Blaster Advanced Series


Children / Math / Algebra

Middle and High School

Covers a Full Year of Algebra 1!

Your spaceship is nearly creamed by a colliding asteroid. You're stranded, surrounded by alien armies and about to be turned to toast. Your mission is clear: use your algebra skills to repair your ship, defend your flands.. and get out of there!

Master Over 25 Essential Skills, Including:

  • Order of operations
  • Factoring
  • Integers
  • Polynomial operations
  • Algebraic functions
  • Graphing linear and parabolic equations
  • Systems of equations
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Word problems

What's Inside:

  • Six engaging activities cover an entire year of Algebra 1
  • Strategy Room provides tutorials and practice problems to help you think algebraically
  • Video Chalkboard gives you visual step-by-step demonstration of Algebra concepts
  • Progress reports help you set and keep your goals
  • Covers important skills to help students prepare for standardized tests

Whew! You've survived your run-in with a run-away asteroid! Now you're stuck in space with strange alien forces that want to blow you to bits. In order to fix your craft and fight the fiends, you must successfully solve algebraic expressions and equations, plot points on a graph, factor polynomials and more. By getting your ship in shape and your escape in gear, you'll master first year Algebra, build the skills to succeed in college math... and have more fun that you ever figured possible.

Get your engines up and running by simplifying and factoring polynomials in the Engine Room!

Identify algebraic expressions in the Communications Room and get your signals straight.

Calculate the point and slope of alien ships and blast them out of the sky in the Defender Room!

Check your progress in the Control Room to get your spaceship ready for take-off.

Deep inside the ship, you'll find Algebra Tiles, a futeristic factoring tool.

Graph points and lines to find the missing crew members in the Transporter Room.

In the Strategy Room, every math problem and every concept behind it are carefully explained.

Repair damaged electrical systems in the Electrical Room, by identifying the function of x.


Windows 95: 486 66 MHz or faster (Pentium recommended), 12MB of RAM, 256 color Super VGA graphics, Windows compatible sound card, 4x CDROM or higher

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