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ZOOM Math Advantage 2000
Middle School
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (MATHADVMDR)

Publisher: Encore Software

Children / Mathematics

Grades: 6 to 8
Ages: 11 and up

The Best Middle School Math Resource Available

Designed by teachers, Math Advantage 2000 for Middle School is guaranteed to help you master 6 middle school math subjects. All new courseware and innovative features make learning fun & exciting. The one-on-one attention of this interactive tutor will save you valuable study time and dramatically improve your understanding and grades. No other Math Learning Center delivers better results.

Math Advantage 2000 Highlights:

  • Step-by-step individualized instruction
  • Self-paced lessons, examples & practice
  • Hundreds of interactive activities
  • Loaded with real-world challenges
  • Web-based Virtual Field Trip

Master 6 Core Subjects on 3 CD-ROMs:

  • Pre-algebra - 37 topics from place values to fractions
  • Algebra - 24 topics from real numbers to inequalities
  • Geometry - 37 topics from parallel lines to pyramids
  • Measurement - 31 topics from metric units to measuring angles
  • Statistics - 25 topics from bar graphs to random samples
  • Probability - 20 topics from independent events to permutations

6 Math Subjects

SELECT from over 175 middle school topics in 6 core areas! Browse the "Quick Look" section for topic overviews with over 300 interactive examples. Then, dive into "Tell Me More" for step-by-step, narrated lessons - all at your own pace.

Linked Reference Library

FIND information quickly & easily in the math library! Click on convenient hyper-links throughout the lessons to instantly reference hundreds of glossary definitions. Plus you'll have access to an index of formulas, symbols & more.

Math Workout

BUILD your "mental math muscle" with hundreds of practice problems. Review an example, then show off your new skills. The wide variety of question formats will keep you interested & challenged.

Real-World Challenges

DISCOVER how you can apply your new math skills to everyday life. You'll encounter hundreds of exciting word problems dealing with some of your favorite topics... shopping, sports, music, movies & more.

Interactive Lab

UNDERSTAND critical math concepts in a snap. Draw geometric shapes, manipulate fractions, and graph points & lines. With cool problem-solving tools, you'll get "hands-on" experience that will make tough math concepts seem simple.

Quizzes & Tests

CHECK your knowledge with quizzes and tests. Unit quizzes help you focus on just one topic, while final tests cover an entire subject. Review your answers before grading, and track your scores in the progress report.

Virtual Field Trip

JOURNEY through the Math Advantage 2000 WebLink. Use your Internet connection to see how real people use math in their everyday lives. Search for answers as you discover real-world math on the World Wide Web.

Math Games & More

REWARD your progress with 6 fun math games, from matching to puzzles. Also, be sure to check out "Fun Facts" for fascinating math tidbits, "Study Tips" for helpful homework hints, and "Mental Math" for cool tips & tricks.

Bonus Workbook

Companion workbook helps you build critical math skills on or off the computer. Solve problems, create geometric shapes & record your ideas.


Windows 95/98: Pentium 75 MHz or greater, 16MB RAM, SVGA graphics card, 4x or faster CD-ROM, sound card, mouse.

Macintosh: Mac OS 8.5 or higher, 24MB RAM, 4x or faster CD-ROM, mouse.

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