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ZOOM Marty and the Trouble With Cheese
$8.95 (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (MARTY&TDR)



Ages: 2 to 5

A Talk To Me Adventure

Marty and the Trouble With Cheese is the first piece of software really designed for preschoolers - even as young as two years old. Children communicate with the computer and interact with the story the way they communicate with people - by talking!

What's Marty getting into now?

In The Trouble With Cheese, Marty sets out on a mission to recover his lost cheese. Like most young mice (and young humans), Marty is curious and high-spirited, and has a tendency to get in trouble. He sure is lucky to have a friend like your child to help him find his way home in time for his birthday party!

Can we talk?

Once you start A Talk To Me Adventure [with a simple mouse-click], you can put your mouse and keyboard safely away. Your child talks and the characters in the story respond.

A microphone is required for interactivity, but even without one, your child can listen, watch and enjoy the story.

Maxis' voice-activated games are designed so even pre-schoolers can use and enjoy today's technology. Like all Software Toys for Kids, they are designed to be FUN! These entertaining products encourage kids to create their own worlds and explore new ideas - and keep them coming back for more!

Requirements -

Windows: 486DX or above (33 MHz or faster), Win 3.1 or above (runs on Win 95), 8 MB RAM and hard disk with 1 MB free, CD-ROM drive, Microphone, Microsoft mouse or 100% compatible, SVGA 256 colors, MM compatible sound card with sound input.

Macintosh: 68030 or higher (25 MHz or faster), System 7.0 or above, 8 MB RAM and hard disk with 1 MB free, CD-ROM Drive, Microphone, 13" color monitor with 8-bit (256 color) graphics; QuickTime 2.0, Sound Manager 3.0.

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