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ZOOM Disney's
Magic Artist Studio
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (MAGICASTDR)

For newer version see Disney's Magic Artist 3D

Publisher: Disney Interactive


Ages: All ages

Bring Your Art to Life

New 3D technology delivers an awesome palette of tools and effects that help you draw, paint and even create musical animations with your favorite Disney characters. With Disney's Magic Artist Studio, anything you can imagine... you can bring to life.

1. Choose a background
2. Add color and characters to your scene
3. Play music and watch your scene come to life

Create, save, print and e-mail your artwork!

Play with new super-realistic art tools that come alive!

Explore outrageous 3D effects, and paints!

Choose from exclusive Disney character stamps!

Learn animation through easy and fun interactive lessons!

Make your own animated musical scenes, sketchbooks and slide shows!

Create Your Own Masterpiece on a Living Canvas

Disney's Magic Artist Studio uses state-of-the-art technology to bring your art to life! Anything is possible when you create with tools and paints that burst onto your screen. Roses sprout from your canvas. Butterflies soar onto a 3D painting that virtually drips with color. Exclusive Disney character images dance to disco, rock, classical and island beats. The next step in art fun is when you're the magic artist!


  • With super-realistic art tools that draw in 3D and customize them to your liking
  • New effects including Drippy, Globby, Spatter paints and more
  • Tons of animated images from the Image Spray and Image Tube come alive on your canvas


  • To animate through interactive lessons and then use the Doodle-morph tool to create your own animations quickly and easily
  • Save and store your creations as sketchbooks or musical slideshows to show off your masterpieces


  • Fantastic musical scenes using exclusive Dancing Stamps of favorite Disney characters. Use the backgrounds provided, create one, or use a scanned photograph of your own.
  • 15 musical styles including rock, swing, island and classical.
  • 300 stamps including characters, props, and backgrounds, each with their own music.


  • Your creations in color, or as coloring sheets to color later
  • E-mail your artwork to friends and family
  • Import photos to personalize your creation


Microsoft Windows 95 or later, Pentium 133MHz or faster processor, 32MB RAM and 70MB free disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 16-bit Windows compatible sound card, 800x600 256 color DirectX compatible video card (millions of colors recommended). Supports Wintab compatible drawing tablets, Windows compatible printers, Serial/USB scanners and digital cameras.

Macintosh: System 8.1 or later, iMac or G3 or faster, 32MB RAM, 70MB free disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 800x600 256 color video display (millions of colors recommended). Supports Macintosh compatible ADB Tablet, Macintosh compatible printers, USB scanners and digital cameras.

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