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The Magic School Bus Vol 3
Lands On Mars, Volcano Adventure, Whales & Dolphins
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail) (MAGBUS3DR)



Ages: 5 to 10

3 Fun-Filled, Fact Packed Science Adventures in one great bonus pack.

Lands On Mars

Be part of Ms. Frizzle's™ crew, as you investigate the red planet's amazing surface, hear cool facts about Missions to Mars, and see color photographs. Play games like Mind Over Mars, build your own Mars Rover, send real Post Cards from outer space, and more!

  • Build your own Mars Rover! You control the landscape, daylight, number of wheels, and power source - then watch how well your Rover runs.
  • Guide the Mars Lander to the surface of Mars.
  • Learn cool facts about mars, Earth and the Solar System, and build critical thinking skills.
  • 3 levels of fun and learning in every game.
  • Re-assemble fascinating Space Photo Puzzles to see the sights and learn fun facts.

Volcano Adventure

Share the excitement with Ms Frizzle, her enthusiastic class, and their pal Liz as they go on a thrilling volcano adventure! Discover the explosive wonder of these quaking giants and learn about different volcanos from around the world and beyond! Play the `hot' game Operation Rescue and create cool art with The Green Machine. Fasten your seatbelts everyone, this is one wild ride!

  • Explore the fiery volcanoes with Ms Frizzle, Liz, and the class from the best-selling books and hot TV show!
  • Let your creativity flow like lava! Play arcade style games, perform zany experiments, and have fun with exciting art projects
  • Learn fun facts about how volcanoes form as you build critical thinking skills.
  • Filled with 8 games, 4 experiments and 6 reports, so kids keep playing and learning.

Whales & Dolphins

Have a `whale' of a time with Ms Frizzle and her class on a fascinating field trip to the Pacific Ocean. Discover whales and dolphins, where they live, what they eat, and other amazing science facts. Play fun games like Spout Off, help save a lost whale, make your own posters, and more!

  • Visit Whale-a-teria and see what types of food different whales eat.
  • Unscramble puzzle pieces to reveal exciting pictures of whales and dolphins and to learn fun facts.
  • See how fast you can match the whales as they pop out of the water is Spot that Whale.
  • Learn cool facts about whales and dolphins and build critical thinking skills.
  • How many pearls can you win? Test your knowledge of whales and dolphins in Spout Off!


Multimedia PC Pentium 166MHz or higher processor, Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, 32 MB of memory (RAM), 45 MB of available hard-disk space, 4X speed CD-ROM drive or faster, SuperVGA, 256-color monitor, Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device, 16-bit sound card, headphones or speakers.

Macintosh: iMac, iBook or Power PC 233MHz or higher, OS 8.1 or later, 32 MB RAM (64 MB RAM recommended for System 9 or later), 45 MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 256 color monitor.

Tested OK on Windows XP.

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