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The Lost Formulas
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail) (M&MLOSTDR)

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Comic Mischief

Ages 5 to 10


5 in Kid Appeal from SuperKids

from Discovery School

The High Energy Action Math Game

"You've left the M&M's Minis in charge of the Candy Factory? Has your chocolate melted? Have you gone completely nuts!"

It's true! The M&M Minis have taken over! The candy factory has gone completely nuts! Get ready for the mutiny of the M&M's Minis. The tiny candies have turned the factory upside-down and torn up all the M&Ms Chocolate Candies formulas. It's up to you and Yellow to make things right. As you race through the factory, you'll face churning chocolate, rampaging robots, cascading candy - and along the way, math drills to test your smarts and challenge your game reflexes.

With M&M's: The Lost Formulas, kids ages 5-10 will practice age-appropriate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills while they race through a wild and funny action game.


  • Stunning high resolution 3D graphics
  • Non violent 3D adventure for the entire family
  • Math Facts in quick, action-oriented game play kids will love
  • Plays like a video game - drills like a brain game
  • Math challenges adjust to each player's skill level

For Parents and Teachers:

This is a unique product. It's a state-of-the-art action game, and it's also a math trainer.

Mastering basic math facts is essential for a good education. What better way to practice math facts than to build that practice into a fast-and-furious action game that your child will want to play over and over again.

The math activities call for fast responses. This means you get quick-reaction, flashcard-style drilling while the high-octane, jump-and-run rhythm of the game never lets up.

The program tracks individual math performance and continuously adjusts the difficulty up or down. And remember, YOU can set the difficulty level or choose a different operation like:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Numberal Recognition (for the little ones)

Math Only Mode

Yes, it's true. If you want to concentrate exclusively on math practice, there's a Math Only icon on the LEVELS menu. With Math Only on, ONLY Math Zones are playable. Toggle this off and the math zone is surrounded by two other zones of fun gameplay.


Win95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 233 MHz or faster, DirectX 7 or higher, 64 MB RAM, 3D graphics accelerator card (8 MB or higher) with Glide, Direct 3D or Open GL drivers, 4x CD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse.

Macintosh: iMac Power Macintosh G3 266 MHz or faster, 64 MB RAM or more, System 8.5 or better, 3D graphics accelerator card (6MB or higher) with OpenGL or QuickDraw 3D drivers, 4x CD-ROM or better, mouse.


SuperKids Educational Software Review

"The Lost Formulas was a long duration winner with our eight and 10 year old reviewers. This program has the classic, addictive appeal of popular arcade games, where users can while away hours in what they feel are just a few moments. Interestingly, our reviewers were equally willing to play the entire game in "math" mode. Unfortunately, we suspect that's because the math problems were simple enough not to cause them lost progress within the game."

"The Lost Formulas does not really teach math; rather, it provides math facts practice opportunities. Users (or their parents) can select a mathematical operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and a difficulty level, then the program uses those parameters to select appropriate practice problems..."

"M&M's: The Lost Formulas presents a bit of a dilemma -- the hand-eye coordination required by the arcade component of the program makes the program better suited for 9-10 year-olds, but the math component is better suited for 5-8 year-olds. That said, this program was equally appealing to boys and girls, and offered great repeat playability."

Kids Domain by Cynthia A. Sorrels

"...This 3-D action game is part role-playing, part racing, part arcade, and pure chocolatey fun. Kids practice drills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as they make their way through this hilarious game."

"You should know that while the math sections are only one part of each level, it is possible to go straight to the math drills in this game. Otherwise, kids can play through the role-playing section while still completing the drills. We found it took us longer to get through the arcade portions of this game that it did to get through the math areas. Our entire family has had a blast with this title and the wacky M&Ms..."

Discovery School

"The math content presented here is of the "think-fast" genre. Players can select the math challenges, which include numerical recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The numerical recognition zone is designed for preschool and kindergarten-age children, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a child of this age who can get very far in the game -- not because the math challenges are too great, but because the arcade action is difficult even for children twice their age."

"Though the arcade action is challenging, it is also surprisingly fun and as addictive as the candies on which it is based. This is a family-friendly title -- while there is a little comic mischief, this program is non-violent."


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