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I Love Spelling!

$9.95 (Win95/98/NT/2K/Me/XP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (LOVESPELDJ)
Does not work on Vista or Windows 7.

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Children: Spelling

Ages: 7-11

Turn Spelling Frustration into Spelling Fun

I Love Spelling is a spectacular animated adventure that teaches and tests spelling for children aged 7-11. Players take part in an intergalactic game show adventure, playing challenging spelling games on weird and wonderful planets, and meeting their funny inhabitants. Children can customize the games by choosing special word groups to play with - names of their favorite animals, parts of the body, country names and many more. Teachers and parents have access to more than 50 spelling-pattern word groups that target key spelling problem areas. Packed with hundreds of hilarious animations and jokes, I Love Spelling makes learning to spell more fun than it's ever been.

I Love Spelling builds Spelling Success through ...

5,000 essential spelling words graded into three difficulty levels

50 spelling pattern word groups that target key spelling problem areas

More than 100 fun, themed word groups that children love

Misspelled words are automatically recycled and practiced

Intelligent tracking software allows you to target words you have problems with


Word Attack:
Work with geometric shapes to unlock the secrets of an Aztec temple

Planet Aquatica:
Burst bubbles to spell the words you hear on Aquatica

Shooting Stars:
Burst a star and test your spelling to win extra points

Planet Amphibia:
Ready for a spelling spree? It's guess-the-mystery-word time!

Planet Anagrama:
Can you sort out the jumbled-up letters to make a word on Anagrama?

Planet Arachna:
Spell the words you hear on batty, buzzing Arachna. But watch out for the spiders!


Windows ® 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP: 486DX 33 MHz or higher, 12-64 MB RAM, 640x480x256 color video, 8 bit sound card, 5 MB free hard drive space, 2x CD-ROM drive.

Macintosh: Mac OS 7.0-9.2, 8 MB RAM (12 MB RAM required for System 8.0+ PPC), 640x480x256 color video, 8 bit sound card, 68040 or faster processor, 14 MB free hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive.


The Kid's Domain by Hilary Williamson

"I especially liked the fact that 2 players can each play at their own level. So my 9 and 10 year old sons can play against each other, and still both be challenged by the level of the game. Level 3 is not easy for an adult either, so a parent and child can play together. It is helpful that game speed can be set slower for those who are uncomfortable with arcade action - the words can fly very quickly at you in Word Attack.

"The program is rich in its dialogue, with puns, plays on words and lots of alliteration from the various characters - an example of language that is educational in itself and very entertaining!"

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