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ZOOM I Love Science
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/2000/XP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (LOVESCIDJ)
Does not work on Vista or Windows 7.

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Children: Science

Ages: 7-11


from Discovery School

Send Your Science Grades Soaring...

I Love Science is a fully interactive science lab that teaches science in the most fun and effective manner possible: by letting young players discover the principles of science for themselves. Three friendly animated characters guide you through one hundred exciting experiments and science activities, each with a challenging question-and-answer session and full science reference.

I Love Science! is the third title in the highly successful I Love series of activity-based educational CD-ROMs. Aimed at children aged seven to eleven, it will enchant all children - even those who normally find science difficult - by leading them from first principles to sophisticated science problems with lots of humor and practical "real-world" activities thrown in. It also offers clear feedback to parents and teachers about children's progress.


  • Covers curricula for grades 2-5
  • Over 100 science experiments
  • 1,000 science problems
  • 60 off-computer experiments


The best way to learn science is to run your own experiments. Over 100 interactive ones makes it fun and safe to do!.

I Love Science reinforces the topics you're studying in school, it can't help but make your grades go up and up.

Real World Science:
In three experiment filled labs you'll discover amazing facts and important principles about the everyday science that's all around you.

Pick just the topics you want. Progress at your own rate. And automatically keep track of your scientific accomplishments!


Windows ® 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, 486DX2/66 MHz, 24 MB for Windows ® 95/98, 32 MB for Windows ® NT/2000, 64 MB ®XP, 640 x 480 pixel screen display, 256 colors, 4x CD-ROM, 16-bit sound card, loudspeakers or headphones, mouse

There is a known issue with the Dorling Kindersley software titles and Windows XP with service pack 1 or higher installed. Selectsoft has two different patches depending upon the particular software you have. If the first patch does not solve the problem, then please install the second patch. Once you install the patch for one of their products it will not be necessary to install it for any additional products.

Macintosh: OS 7.5.3-9.2, Any PowerPC, 24 MB RAM, 640 x 480 pixel screen display, 16-bit color, 4x CD-ROM, loudspeakers or headphone, mouse


Discovery School

"I Love Science is designed as an interactive science lab enlivened by three animated characters — Mo, Rosie, and Al. Kids explore 3 different areas, as follows:

  • Mo's Workshop: Mo, whose full name is Mo Mentum, hosts the physics lab. Topics covered are Forces, Electricity, Light, Sound, and Heat.
  • Rosie's Treehouse: Rosie is a hilarious girl who hosts the treehouse activities that focus on biology. The activities involve sorting various pictures that are attached to a moving clothesline in arcade (timed) fashion, as well as exploratory activities within the main topics of Humans, Animals, Plants, and Environments.
  • Al's Kitchen: Kids learn about chemistry in this lab - as they test, mix, and heat materials in the kitchen. There are activities relating to Matter in the sorting, testing, changing, and separating categories. Each activity starts off with a bit of reading in the science book about the topic at hand, then kids play the activity which involves experimenting with different materials in a variety of ways, and when they're ready, they answer a series of 5 multiple choice questions.

"We are impressed with the fact that explanations are given when an answer is right (so kids will learn even when they made a lucky multiple-choice guess) or wrong. Keep in mind that some of the timed activities require some really fast reflexes, so kids without the best eye-hand coordination, who know their material may, feel behind.

"Children interested in the world of science will find this game appealing. There is a good amount of content covered, and a nice mix of styles of learning activities — arcade, timed, exploration, and question-and-answer. The characters have just the right attitude for the targeted age group of 7-11, and are really quite funny. Rosie, for example, ends most of her statements with a rhyme ("you'll do fine, sunshine", "that was way cool, toadstool", "'fraid not, flowerpot", etc.)."

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