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ZOOM Lost in Space:
Learning Adventure
Sold Out (Win95/Mac) (Jewel Case) (LOSTSPLADJ)

New Line Productions / Sound Source


Ages: 7 to 11

Prepare to Blast Off

Prepare to blast off on a fun-filled learning adventure that takes you to the outer reaches of the galaxy. As the leader of the Milky Way project, your mission is to enter deep space and travel to distant galaxy in search of planets that can support human life. Board a state-of-the-art science vessel and command a `Rambler-Krane' series robot as you collect and analyze scientific data. Get Lost in Space and discover the wonders of geology, astronomy, and science in an out of this world adventure.


  • Exciting space and ground missions require skillful navigation, timing and attention to fuel levels and force field strength
  • Highly innovative learning activities introduce the scientific process of obtaining, recording and analyzing data and reveal information about Geology, Elements, Atmospheres, Pulsars, Nebulae, Black Holes and more
  • Realistic 3D graphics create an immersive environment for hours of play and learning
  • Official Certificate of Excellence. Complete your mission and you can print out your personalized Project Milky Way Certificate of Astronautic Excellence. Job well done, Commander.

Science Lab:
Space travelers learn about the scientific process of obtaining, recording and analyzing data, study asteroids, terrain samples, and heavenly bodies. Get the facts on elements, atmospheres, pulsars, nebulae and more.

Spacecraft Command Console:
Welcome Aboard. Your ship is a futuristic science vessel with the latest labs, navigational devices and exploration equipment. Your assistant: A robot with a serious attitude.

Terrain Sample Collection:
Learn about geology as you guide your robot along a planet's surface, collecting rock, soil, atmosphere and liquid samples. Use data to determine the planet's temperature, diameter and level of volcanic activity.

Telescope Network Construction:
Fly your spacecraft over the planet's surface, dropping telescopes on target locations. Correctly positioned telescopes photograph the surrounding heavenly bodies for research.

Asteroid Field Navigation and Collection:
Maneuver your spacecraft through an asteroid field and collect targeted asteroids for research, using skillful hand-eye co-ordination.

Planet Report:
Congratulations, Space Traveler. Thanks to you, the necessary planetary documentation has been obtained. A planet report full of important info and pictures has been transmitted to your ship.


Windows 95: 486 / 66 MHz (Pentium 90 recommended), 16 MB RAM (24 MB recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive, 8 bit sound card, SVGA monitor (640x480x256), 10 MB hard disk space.

Macintosh: Power PC, 16 MB RAM (24 MB recommended), System 7.x, 2x CD-ROM drive (4x recommended), 10 MB hard disk space.

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