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ZOOM Locus
$19.95 (DOS/Win95/98) (Retail) (LOCUSPR)




3 stars from Multimedia World

3 stars from PC Entertainment

Real VR Gaming Is About To Body-Slam Your PC!

Locus is going to take your eyes and ears for a ride.

It's the multiplayer VR game! Network up to 9 players or go head to head with one of 12 computerized teams! Locus is about speed. It's about action on the floor. Action on the walls... on the ceiling. Non-stop action everywhere you turn. It's about bashing your opponent to get the ball... and not getting creamed in the process. It's simple. Move. Score. Do it again and again. Until you are victorious and ready for the next challenge... the next arena... your next chance to become LOCUS.


Next generation 32-bit game engine.

First-person fast game action.

Gouraund-shaded graphics.

12 challenging levels.

Laser weapons and gadgets.

Digital and MIDI music.

Spatialized sound effects.

Networking for 2 to 9 players.

Plays great with a headmounted display or a monitor.

Requirements: Double-speed CD-ROM drive or better, 486DX2/66 minimum, Win 95 or MS-DOS 6.0 or higher, 12 MB or available hard disk space, 8 MB RAM or better; supports joystick and mouse, Supports Sound Blaster and 100% compatible sound cards; VESA compliant graphics card with 512 K video memory.


Multimedia World, May 1996

"The high-speed Locus is the first virtual reality game - one of the next big trends for PC gaming - out of the gate."

"This sports game plays much like hockey, except that you skate not only in a rink but on the walls and ceiling. If you war a VR head-mounted display, Locus lets you look over your shoulder as well as straight ahead."

PC Entertainment, February 1996

"In the year 2095, only one international pastime remains: violent tournaments called Triads that take place in giant arenas orbiting the Earth. Each Triad pits a trio of two-player teams against each other in three matches, each of which takes place in stadiums of different geometries such as rings and spheres."

"Eliminate both teams in two out of three contests, and you'll move on to the next Triad - or be drafted by a stronger team."

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