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ZOOM Lest We Forget
(A History of the Holocaust)
Sold Out (Win/Mac) (Jewel Case) (LESTWEDJ)

Publisher: Logos Research Systems

Reference / History

The Holocaust

Lest We Forget - A History of the Holocaust is a powerful testimony to an event in history which will never be comprehended but must still be retold...

Soon after Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, the Nazis began implementing their vision of a "racially and biologically pure" German society. This entailed the elimination of "Undesirable elements" within Germany. In Hitler's view of the world, the Jews were not only "undesirable," but were a demonic force waging war against humanity. When war broke out in 1939, the Nazi leadership began what became known as their "final solution" to the "Jewish Question." For the next six years, as the world stood by in silence, nearly six million Jews would be slaughtered.

This exceptionally poignant and thoughtful work on a defining event in human history utilizes rare archival film footage, historical speeches, original music, and documentary photographs to elicit powerful emotions. An original text by Professor David Cesarani, (Academic Consultant to the Wiener Library, London, and Professor of Modern Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester), provides a thorough historical and scholarly perspective to a story which must never be forgotten.


  • Exceptional archival documentary film footage including excerpts from Nazi propaganda films.
  • A gallery of over 500 photographs, many of which come from the Yad Vashem Memorial Archives in Jerusalem.
  • Historical interactive maps, charts, and timeline.
  • Extensive original text, with accompanying glossary and hypertext links, written specifically for this work.
  • 65 detailed biographies.
  • Powerful and emotional design interface.
  • Subtitled audio documents, including original Nazi speeches from German archives.
  • Original soundtrack and 13 audio summaries in addition to historical audio from German archives.

Discretion Is Advised
This CD-ROM deals with one of the darkest stains on the course of human history. It portrays a factual account of the events and actions of the Holocaust. While keeping true to the story that must be told, it is necessary at times to include disturbing facts and footage. Due to the graphic and emotional nature of the subject, some material included in this CD may not be suitable for all audiences.

We Will Never Understand the Holocaust

Emerging from a seedbed of prejudice and hatred, the Holocaust grew into a cold, systematic, and dispassionate elimination of a people. It's calculated progress and brutal efficiency exploded all notions of barbarity and became one of the defining events of human history.

Lest We Forget - A History of the Holocaust combines photography, film footage, and sound with the historian's craft of information and context to permit an incomparable study of the Holocaust - from persecution, to extermination, to the aftermath - with emotion and thoughtfulness.

With over 30 minutes of video and more than 500 photographs from archives around the world, an extensive text written specifically for this CD-ROM, and interactive maps and timelines, Lest We Forget divides the Holocaust into four main categories: The Jewish People, a background of Judaism's roots and it's diaspora throughout the world; Hitler's Germany, a background to the events and circumstances that led to the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, it's racial agendas and subjugation of Europe; The Holocaust, the implementation of Hitler's final solution to the "Jewish question," an examination of the mass extermination of Europe's Jews from 1939 to 1945 and the ruthless efficiency and hierarchical organization with which the Nazis carried it out; The Aftermath, criminal prosecutions and world reaction, the ethical, moral, and political ramifications that exist with us to this day, an examination of the relationship between good and evil, and an overview of modern literature concerning the Holocaust.

We will never be able to totally understand the Holocaust. Despite exhaustive documentation it will remain incomprehensible. Lest We Forget offers a powerful testament to this defining event of history in words, sound, and pictures, an event that even if it can never be thoroughly understood must never be forgotten.

Original Text, Biographies and Hypertext Links

An original text by Professor David Cesarani is supplemented with documentation, biographies, and glossaries. A comprehensive index, direct access overview, and hypertext links throughout, give you instant access to any portion of the program.

Over 500 Captioned Photographs and 30 Minutes of Archival Video Clips

Examine a gallery of photographs from the collections of the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem, the Holocaust Museum in Washington, the BudesArchiv in Berlin, the Auschwitz Museum in Oswiecim, and many other sources from around the world. Each photograph is accompanied by a detailed caption with a wealth of background information. Experience the sights and sounds of key historical events with more than a half-hour of rare archival footage.

Over 40 Minutes of Audio Material

In addition to the inspired original soundtrack, Lest We Forget - A History of the Holocaust contains narrated summaries, propaganda films, and Allied newsreel footage, as well as archival audio documents including Nazi speeches.

Detailed Maps of Concentration Camps, Deportation Routes, and Nazi Expansion

Detailed timelines cover the rise of Nazi Germany and document the progression of the Holocaust through Europe. Interactive maps depict concentration camp locations, deportation routes, Jewish ghettos, and Nazi expansion. Aerial photographs of the largest concentration facilities are overlaid with interactive graphics showing the layout of the camps from which thousands of Jews would never leave.


Windows: 486sx-33 or better, Windows 3.1 or higher, VGA monitor (graphics accelerator recommended), 8 MB RAM (12MB RAM recommended), mouse, CD-ROM drive (2x or faster), and audio speakers.

Macintosh: MacIIci or better, Mac System 7 or higher, color monitor, 8 MB RAM available for the application (12 MB RAM recommended), CD-ROM drive (2x or faster) and audio speakers.

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